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Summer Lovin,’ Floral At Last

Hailey’s Look: Dress: Anjouil’s Boutique | Necklace: Kendra Scott (Elisa Pendant) & Tiffany & Co. (Diamond) | Watch: Michael Kors | Bracelet: Kendra Scott | Ring: David Yurman | Shoes: Tory Burch

Kailey’s Look: Top: Haute Stuff Boutique | Shorts: Show Me Your Mumu | Earrings: Betsey Pittard (similar) | Long Necklace: Betsey Pittard (Haute Stuff Boutique) | Necklace: Kendra Scott | Cuff: Loren Hope | Buckle Bracelet: David Yurman | Watch: Kate Spade (similar) | Shoes: Tory Burch 
This week is all about getting ready for our trip to Annapolis, Maryland next week, and boy oh boy are we excited! We have such a fun itinerary planned, and the best part is that we get to see one of the sweetest and dearest people to us get married!
One thing that is severely freaking me out (Kailey) is that I have to fly to Annapolis BY. MY. SELF. I don’t think I can explain in words the multitude of emotions I am dealing with! I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I’ll be navigating through an airport by myself, being on an airplane by myself, or that my flight is at 3:30 and I won’t be landing till 9:15! However, my favorite guy is my ride to the airport and that makes it a LITTLE better. Whatever…I’ll just down a few Bloody Mary’s before I board (don’t lie, you know some of you have done it before!) But really, so excited to for all of our adventures that we are squeezing in four days!
So how is everyone’s summer going? I’m not having much of a summer due to finishing my last leg of cosmetology school which is 7:30-4:45ish Monday through Thursday and let me just tell you I seriously cried everyday of the first week of school! It’s just so overwhelming being in the same four walls for nine hours! And not to mention only having a 30 minute lunch, like a girl has got to eat and that’s not long enough! Silver lining: only 9 more weeks of this bull and I’ll be D-O-N-E! Counting down the days! It definitely helps having a great support system and I can’t thank them enough for putting up with my overly-emotional self because I’ll be the first to admit that I can be a bit much! But that’s why they love me, right? So if you could, say a little prayer for myself and anyone else that comes in contact with me while I’m going through my last classes! Much appreciated!
We have been pretty obsessed with florals lately. Matching sets, dresses, shorts, tops, you name it, we like it in floral! Hailey’s look is on the classy side, perfect for church on Sunday or take it out to dinner with your love. Kailey’s look we made a little more casual, the Show Me Your Mumu shorts from Haute Stuff Boutique are a little short but since we’re only 5 ft tall, it works for us!
Thanks so much for checking in with us, we love hearing all of y’all’s feedback lately and it truly helps us know what all of you would like to see! Talk to y’all later!

Flourish Boutique

Hailey’s Look: Set: Flourish Boutique | Shoes: Steve Madden | Earrings: Kendra Scott | Bracelet: Kendra Scott | Watch: Michael Kors
Kailey’s Look: Dress: Flourish Boutique | Shoes: Steve Madden (similar) | Necklace: Kendra Scott | Earrings: Kendra Scott | Watch: Kate Spade | Cuff: Loren Hope 
This week has been a whirl wind. First, Monday we were reposted by Kendra Scott on Instagram, and it was seriously such an honor! We were so excited! From a social media aspect, it’s really crazy how much media platforms play such an interesting role in our lives. In 20 years, who knows what we’ll be wrapped up in. Also, Jacob got offered an AMAZING job at a company he’s been wanting to work for for years, so we’re pretty darn excited about that! God’s blessings have really been evident in our lives lately, and we really just couldn’t be more appreciative. 
These were such fun looks! We’re really into tropical/Hawaiin prints this summer, and these looks definitely feed our addiction. Flourish Boutique was such a delight to work with. They totally have something for everybody…even our petite selves! Give them a little looksie! 

“Your husband called and said you can buy anything you want!”

Photography by Erin Wiese Photography

Happy Monday, everyone! Today is kinda a big start to our week. Kailey goes back to school for the summer as she is finishing her last leg on her cosmetology license. Then, SHE’LL BE DONE IN JULY! YAY! Pretty dang exciting. In lesser news, Jacob FINALLY comes home from North Caroline tonight, and this girl (Hailey) has the pleasure of picking him up at the airport. Please pray for me…I’m not the best driver LOL. Even though I’m super excited to squeeze his face, I know he’ll be sad to leave his sweet sister, Sarah. Literally counting down the days until we see her again for her and Jason’s wedding in Annapolis, Maryland (GO NAVY!). 
This past week I went shopping with my best friend, Catherine (shocking, I know), and there was a ton of super nice people shopping at the Houston Galleria that day. The biggest act of kindness was definitely thrown my way, and I just have to share! While I was at Banana Republic there was a 40% sale on dresses, skirts, and tops. Obviously I was pretty pumped, so I started scouring the place for some goodies. Low and behold, I found the PERFECT fitting dress for Sarah’s wedding. Never mind that I had already bought a dress, this dress was made for me. It was marked down to $150, and I was pretty solid with the price since I “thought” it would be marked down once I paid. OH NO. The sale was only on full priced items. So as I stood at the cash register with dress in hand, I knew that $150 was a little too much considering that I already had a dress at home. I guess the disappointment dripped off my face because the sweet, sweet sales associate gave me the 40% anyway! HELLO, $72 PRICE POINT! Happy was an understatement. So I marched myself to Starbucks and bought the sweet soul a coffee. It’s crazy how we don’t expect kindness or good deeds paid forward, but when they are…oh my heart! I just thought that it was so sweet that he did that because he truly didn’t have to. He could’ve gone on with his happy self, and that would’ve been that. SO NICE!
Anyway, these looks are sooooo easy. We love flowy tops paired with cropped jeans or shorts. It’s just such a go-to look, and you can really go all out with your jewelry if you want to. Both of these looks tops were bought at Anjouil’s Boutique, but they aren’t sold on line. However, I linked them to Nordstrom and Naked Zebra so you lovely people can snag yourselves the look. 

Blue Ivy Boutique

Hailey’s Look: Dress: Blue Ivy Boutique | Umbrella: DSW (it’s not available online so you can get it HERE!) | Shoes: Steve Madden | Bracelet: Kendra Scott | Ring: David Yurman
 I’m (Hailey) sure everyone who reads this has probably heard of the crazy Texas floods that drowned our beautiful state. Luckily, our home and work places were not majorly affected. However, our hearts go out to all of the families that have suffered due to the flooding. Losing your belongings, home, and, the absolute worse, loved ones is so unimaginable, and we are continuing to keep everyone affected in our prayers!
This past week has been super surreal. Jacob (my main squeeze/lover/forever person) organized a memorial golf tournament in honor of his best friend who passed away. It was so crazy. Jacob was in the accident with Luke, and we have been so lucky to still be so close to Luke’s family, wife, and sweet baby. This family is truly our angels on Earth. Anyway, the tournament was so fun, and I know Luke would have loved every minute if he had been hitting some balls with his favorite people. The tournament raised over $60,000 that goes to the Luke Arnold Memorial Scholarship, and I truly just couldn’t be more proud of Jacob and all the other sweet souls that helped make it possible.
Today, Jacob is actually driving his little sister to North Caroline (hello, 20 hour drive). Sarah is getting married to the sweetest Marine at the end of this month, and it is SO exciting and SO sad. There were many tears shed this morning seeing her Honda loaded down, but I’m so excited to be reunited with her in Annapolis, Maryland for the wedding. Us Texas girls are pretty tickled about it. Kailey is even doing the makeup for the wedding bridal party!
This dress is literally so perfect for any semi-formal occasion. I have worn this to church, and got so many compliments on it. The detailing is just so flattering, and it will definitely be in rotation between me and Kailey.