Boho French Braid Tutorial

Hey, y’all! Thank you so much for all of the feedback from our last braid tutorial! Since it was such a success we decided to do another one on how to get that big, fluffy french braid! Enjoy!

1. Section off where you want your braid! On this one we wanted in the bang area! We parted it perpendicular to Hailey’s natural part. Pin back the section you won’t be braiding.
2. You’re going to section out 3 strands. This is the beginning of your braid. Start the braid off like a normal braid where you cross the far strand over the middle. You will then pull a piece of hair from the bottom and add to the crossed over piece underneath. 
3. Continue those steps all the way down. When you are out of hair to pick up continue down like a normal braid. Pull a small piece from the bottom of the braid like the last tutorial, and push the braid upwards and then back down. Start pulling pieces out loosely to create the “boho” full braid.
4. And there ya go! This is what it should look like! Pin it on the side or add it to a ponytail or up-do! 
Thanks so much for catching up with us and we hope you love this braid as much as we do!

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