It’s Fall, y’all!

Watch: Kate Spade (similar + on sale!) | Bracelets: Loren Hope, Kendra Scott, and David Yurman | Sunglasses: Riff Raff Boutique | Booties: Steve Madden
Hey, sassies! Just K checking in to give you a little update on my oh-so exciting life! Along with being a full time hairstylist and make up artist for Sunkissed and Made Up, I just started to take clients at a salon in Baytown, TX to keep up with all the girls that want me to do their hair (cut + color)! I’m only taking a few clients a week but I’m happy to be starting a new adventure doing what I love. I’m trying my best to keep my life busy and happy with trying to have a balance between on-the-go to just being content with doing nothing. It’s hard. I’ve had a few health and personal issues go on during the last two weeks and perhaps my body (and GOD) is telling me to slow down. I think as people of this society we are always looking for the next best thing. What will make us more money? What will make us have a bigger house? What will I do to make people respect me? I mean these are normal questions. We’ve lost sight in what’s important. Happiness. No one can create it for you. You can’t buy it. It may be in a pumpkin spice latte, but that’s not forever (sorry)! I’ve had somewhat of an epiphany and I’ve just realized to invest in myself and let everything  happen on it’s own. God has this. All the trials and speed bumps – He put them there for a reason. I’ve also learned to not make excuses for people. I’m kinda done giving people hall passes for bad behavior just because it’s toxic. Why invest energy into something that just creates bad vibes and feelings? Not. Worth. It. This world will disappoint you over and over again, so let it be and put your faith and trust in our Lord. And pray! Don’t forget to pray.
On a lighter note, I visited  the cutest little pumpkin patch with my sweet friend and co-worker, Candice (blogger behind Lots of Lovely) and of course we had to document our day, duh! Don’t let the flannel and black skinnies fool you, it was HOT! Let’s be real, we’re in Houston, TX and it doesn’t get cold till like…mid November but I really don’t care. If I want to wear long sleeves and booties, by golly I’m going to wear them! I’m in this all black wardrobe mood lately and I’m kind of loving it. Obvi I’m not the super edgy type so I like to mix my black’s with patterns and feminine accessories! Hope you enjoy! 

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