Spring 2016: Wedding Bells Attire

Hey, sassies! It’s that time of year and wedding season is about to be in full swing! Who doesn’t love a good wedding?! Us gals love to get dressed up for such occasions; however, the stress of finding the perfect outfit that doesn’t clash with your man’s suit is pretty understandable! Who are we kidding, he dresses according to YOUR outfit! Here’s a little dress guide and wedding etiquette!

When you’re invited to a wedding, it’s really important that this day…is not your day! So dress accordingly! Being in this industry (if ya didn’t know, I’m a hair/make up artist for Sunkissed & Made Up) I have seen a ton of do’s and don’t’s that I can recall that the bride was not happy about! Like wearing white (HUGE NO, YOU CRAZY). I try to stay away from the wedding’s color scheme and you can usually figure that out by what’s on the invitation. It’s not a big deal if you end up wearing the same shade of blush pink as the bridesmaids, but even though they are not the bride they are meant to stand out just a teeny bit! So patterns are a good option when you’re not exactly sure what color to wear!
Modesty is also something to think about. No one wants to see your belly button, cleavage you can see a mile away, your bra straps hanging out, or a hemline so short you’re about to show everyone the newest print from Victoria’s Secret. Small cut-outs here and there are okay if in the right place, just be mindful that there will be grandma’s at weddings and they will not approve. I try to keep my hemline a little above my knee if I’m wearing a short dress or wear a maxi to avoid that all together. I have ZERO cleavage (shocking!) so that’s never an issue for me! But if it is for you, strap those puppies down and save them for later!
Pay attention to the details and think ahead:

Also, take note on what the dress code actually is (i.e. casual, semi-formal, cocktail, formal, black tie) and that will save your guest from any embarrassment! When in doubt, I always say it’s better to be overdressed then underdressed! And one more thing, bring a pair of comfortable but pretty sandals to slip on when your feet are crying from your new heels! You’ll thank me later. I never go barefoot at wedding because glasses get broken, drinks get spilled, and toes get stepped on. Not. Worth. It. I also like to bring a little clutch for lip gloss, powder, and phone. One time I almost left my phone at a wedding and you can imagine that drama and tears that would have been happening if I had not gone back to the table. So, it’s always nice to keep everything together. 

Just do it. Because it’s rude if you don’t! This couple/couple’s family is paying  an arm and a leg for this day which entails A LOT OF MONEY. Head count is extremely important when budgeting for wedding expenses and your RSVP means so much to them. Say something comes up and you are unable to attend, send the bride the sweetest text that something came up. She will understand and will appreciate letting them know so they can make arrangements. And it will save her $10-$20 on food and alcohol per plate + any other costs/planning concerning head count!
So there’s my little do’s and don’t’s on what to a wear to a wedding and how you can attend a wedding stress free! 
What’s your favorite wedding season?
X, K

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  1. KaylieF2016 says:

    With my wedding exactly 2 months away I couldn't have said it better myself! The RSVP part was spot on!

  2. Torie Lee says:

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