Spring Break Essentials

This Spring Break we are doing a little stay-cation at the San Luis Resort in Galveston, Texas with two of our best friends! Jacob is working all week (so many tears) and Lukas will be hiking along the Grand Canyon with his friends, so that leaves us for pool time and drinks with the girls! We’ve put together our favorite things to take to the pool/beach and why we love them oh, so much!

As you know, we are avid spray tanners because we do NOT tan in the sun what so ever. We look like crisp little lobsters. Seriously, sun poisoning is no joke. Quick tip: last summer I was jet skiing and in between riding we stopped at little bars along the way. I love a Dos Equis and lime when on the water so that was my drink of choice for the day. I dripped lime juice all down my leg and turns out that when you get a sunburn on top of an acid (such as lemon or lime juice) you can get an acid burn. WHY WAS I NEVER TOLD THIS?! It was such an awful experience and I can say this with confidence that I will forever be extremely cautious when in the sun drinking ANYTHING with limes in it. With that being said, sun protection is extremely important! Your skin is something you will have for the rest of your life so take care of it! We hose ourselves down with sunscreen and we always wear a hat to shade our faces! Our favorite sunscreen is Neutrogena Beach Defense because it is so light and it dries really quickly. And believe it or not, I feel like when I sunless tan myself it actually protects my skin a little more than just using sunscreen. Call me crazy but it works for us! Here are our favorite suncare products!

Like we previously said, we shield our fair bodies as much as possible from the sun so a cute cover-up is an absolute must! We tend to go for dresses that can easily be dressed up with sandals, earrings,  and light handbag to go eat lunch or shop in. Nothing is worse than jean shorts and wet bottoms, it’s a situation that we try to avoid! We love the sandals we linked above because of their stylish look and easy wear! Here are our favorite pool accessories!


This year is all about the one-pieces with fun prints and cut outs! It’s a new trend for us, we love our bikinis but it’s nice for a little change! Here are some of our swimmies this season!

We hope everyone has a safe an fun Spring Break with friends and family!
Where will you will be headed to?
X, H & K

P.S. Don’t forget your floaties!

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