Midtown Bike Ride

Happy Tuesday! New blog post is up!


Hi, gorgeous! Just checking in for a little break from packing for my upcoming trip to NEW YORK CITY with the Sunkissed & Made Up girls! It’s my first trip to the Big Apple and I am bursting with excitement that I finally get to go! Being true a true Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Sex and The City, and Gossip Girl fan, going to New York has been a life-long dream of mine and I plan on listening to Moon River on our plane ride there, getting a snapshot of me holding a donut and a cup of coffee in front of Tiffany & Co., and purchasing a Carrie Bradshaw approved keepsake! We will be there for five days {Sunday through Thursday} and we will be doing a few photoshoots showcasing our hair & make up brand, plenty of shopping, and visiting iconic New York sights! Like Carrie’s apartment! 🙂 We also have reservations to the Polo Club and I CAN NOT believe it. You basically have to be SJP, a Kardashian,  or Kelly Ripa to get in and somehow Candice managed to use her Texas southern charm on the hostess! With all that being said, make sure you check in to our Instagram {@doubleshotofsass} and our Snapchat {handknouis} as I document our trip! AND don’t forget to follow {@sunkissedandmadeup} for all of our prettiness we will be creating while we are in NYC!
Lukas and I recently bought bikes to ride around Midtown and I am absolutely loving it! We are both really active and this has been so fun for us to do together on the weekends other than our usual Sunday Funday bottomless mimosas and bar hopping! When I was shopping for a new cruiser, my only request was it to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye! I know it’s terrible, I don’t really make decisions based on functionality! I love the sleekness of the black paint job and the brown leather detailing! So pretty! 
Sadly, my new favorite flats are already sold out! Tears! They are so comfortable and I got so many compliments on them! So, I linked a few pair that I thought were comparable!
Thanks so much for checking in and I can’t wait to share with y’all my NYC adventures next week!
XOXO, Gossip Girl
Just kidding! I had to do it!
X, K

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