This Guy’s Girl

Sharing all of my favorite upcoming wedding details and a look at our engagement session! 
P.S. Kailey took all of these super sweet moments of Jacob and I!

 Looking back on how my life has played out over the past 3 and a half years, it always makes me smile. Before meeting Jacob, my faith in putting my heart into someone else’s hand was pretty low. I had zero interest in dating anyone, wasn’t looking for someone to spend my time with, and then BAM!…God put the most wonderful, God-fearing, energetic, and loving guy in my life. Jacob has made me become the best version of myself, and I can’t wait to be this guy’s girl forever on June 12! In the years that we have been together, life has flipped our lives upside down and things got complicated, but our relationship never was. It has always been like sweet tea on a Sunday, and I’ll forever love us for that. Fun fact for anyone who didn’t see on Instagram, but Jacob proposed to me with the engagement ring my Poppa gave my Nana 60 years ago when they were engaged. 
I have some AMAZING vendors for the wedding including Sunkissed & Made Up (duh), Jade Magnolia, Flower Power Productions, and Courtney Leigh Photography. I seriously can’t wait for all of their creative juices to blend together, and it’s going to be such a magical day! Wedding planning has become a complete and utter whirlwind. I keep seeming to be shocked about how I’ve managed to pull off all of this in a matter of a little less than 2 months. 
In the meantime, shop my super pretty maxi skirt here!  Kailey and I also have this skirt in canary yellow, and it’s one of those pieces that makes you swoon. It’s so light and flowy, and not to mention, it’s super photogenic. Unfortunately, my top is old from Anthropolgie, but I’ve linked a similar one below.  I also linked some other engagement looks for my other soon to-be-wed gals! Unlike Kay’s boo boo, Jacob is not a stylish guy. Bless his heart, but he’s a Ralph Lauren or Under Armour polo, jeans, and boots kind of guy. Don’t get me wrong! He always looks nice, but he does not wander outside of his comfort zone. For our shoot, I wanted him to feel like himself…a more stylish version of himself (LOL). My sweet husband-to-be looked pretty good though, if I do say so myself!
X, H


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  1. Unknown says:

    Love both you girls! H, you're going to be a stunning bride, can't wait to see your pictures from the big day! Have fun!

    Lindsey Perez

  2. Unknown says:

    You guys look great! Congratulations, and God bless!!!! 🙂

    Love, Mrs. Verner

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