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It’s Fri(yay), people! And we are kicking the weekend off with a giveaway! 


White on White

Happy first day of SUMMER!

Happy first day of Summer, loves! You would think that it had already been here from insane temps that have been coming our way in Houston. I feel like it snuck up on us! I have lived in Texas my entire life and every summer I say “why is so hot?!!” like I’m surprised that it’s 98 degrees outside! Lukas and I spent a wonderful morning yesterday at his parents and we purchased our tickets to ITALY! I’ve never been out of the country and Lukas’ family has lived all over the world so no doubt am I going with the best bunch! We will be going in October for 11 days and I’m already planning outfits! If any of you have been to Italy please leave me some comments on what you recommend us to go see/stay! After we purchased our tickets, we went to my family home to celebrate Father’s Day by grilling and swimming, my two favorite summer activities! And may I add that I didn’t get sunburned! Go me!
I wore this white on white number for a girls night with one of my longest and dearest friends! I have always loved wearing all neutrals and it feels so fresh for summer! I paired with this necklace, I love how dainty it is + my signature arm party. 
As I’m sure you saw on Instagram, Hailey and Jacob are expecting their first bundle of joy come November! I am so excited to be Aunt KK and to see our family gain a new member, and to spoil him or her rotten! Get ready for lots of upcoming baby posts!
X, K

How to be the best Maid of Honor

Happy Wednesday! I’m talking about how I pulled off being my sister’s Maid of Honor while planning a wedding in 8 weeks!

Hi, loves! Wedding craziness is finally over and I’m feeling like I can finally breathe again. Being Maid of Honor is hard work! I must admit I was a bit overwhelmed with the short engagement equalling short planning time but I think I pulled it off pretty seamlessly! Here are my tips for being the best maid of honor to your best gal/bride-to-be!
1. Plan surprise engagement party!
Jacob gave me the lovely honor of throwing a surprise engagement party for the two love birds back in April. It was the sweetest get together with our closest friends and family at Hailey’s in-laws. This is a perfect opportunity to kick off wedding planning and letting everyone in on the celebration! 
2. Keep in contact with bridesmaids!
As Maid of Honor, you have a very important role of being the ring leader of the bridesmaids. Lots of information is coming at you and it’s your duty to keep all the girls in the loop about upcoming appointments, showers, costs, and dates. I made a group text with all of the girls and I probably annoyed them quite a bit, BUT everyone knew everything and it helped me not repeat myself 100 times!
3. Bridal shower!
Make sure everyone that you invite to the bridal shower is invited to the wedding! That is something that is pretty frequently looked over and it’s a big NO NO! Try to divide and conquer tasks between the hostess’ such as food, decorations, and invitations. It was really helpful to have all the girls do something so I wasn’t completely overwhelmed!
4. Bachelorette party!
We kept Hailey’s bridal party extremely simple by staying at a hotel in City Centre! It was really cost effective and we had a lot of fun! You don’t have to have strippers, unmentionable shaped straws, and crazy shenanigans to celebrate the bride-to-be. Mexican food, a live band at an upscale bar, brunch, and shopping made Hailey so happy! And we as bridesmaids were thrilled to not spend an arm and a leg! So, I suggest touch base with all of the girls and see where the budget is will be. That will help you determine your activities!
5. Have a killer speech!
I will say that I knocked my MOH speech out of the park! The whole room was crying, including myself, and it was a moment that I will never forget. I wanted to make sure it was sweet, heartfelt, a little funny, and highlighted the love I have for Hailey and Jacob! My advice is to write it down a few weeks in advance and finalize it a couple of days before. That gave me plenty of time to think about what I wanted to say and that I was comfortable with bawling my eyes out during my speech. Because there were lots and lots of tears.
 And here it is!
As I’m sure you already know, I am Hailey’s sister/twin/the other shot of sass. First off, I would like to thank my grandparents, Jim and Nancy Weston, Jacob’s parents, Alan and Connie Daniels, and our parents, Keith and Nan Robinson for throwing this fantastic celebration for two of the most precious souls I have ever known.

I think we all should know that Mr. Jacob Alan Daniels blew off the then Miss Hailey Rae Nouis on their first planned date. For a Rockets game. So naturally, I had my doubts of this sweet, sweet man. However, when Hailey told me that he made up for it by taking her on their supposed to be second date, that she got that feeling. That feeling that you just know that you are sitting across from your forever. At that moment, as Hailey was telling me all about her date, I knew that this was something to be special. This old man (what I like to call him) from Barbers Hill that had a reputation to be the ring leader of the Old River hooligans, was sweeping my lovely, innocent sister off her feet and who was I to interrupt divine intervention?! So I let it go that Jake blew off my sister for some ridiculous basketball game and I now have found myself to love him to bits, for the soul reason that he loves my sister unconditionally. Even though she has no idea what time management is, doesn’t know how to cook, or how to keep up with laundry. You can blame our grandparents for that!

From an early age, we have always had a passion for design, fashion, movies, and music. We could memorize the words to every Audrey Hepburn movie or any musical. We would secretly watch Sex and the City, we could care less what the story line was, we just loved the outfits.  We would cut out pages of our favorite looks and designers from Vogue and glue them in our notebooks, posters, or on the back of the doors of our closet. We would make Poppa look like Danny from Grease by slicking his hair back with baby lotion and then make him sing Summer Nights from the opening scene of the movie. He would be a sopping, greasy mess but he let us do that to him more times than once, so I’m sure he didn’t mind. We would take Mom and Nana’s shirts and make our own designs out of them by turning them upside down and wearing the arm holes as pant legs. And for a top we would take our stretchy chunky headbands and wrap them around our bodies so they looked like a strapless blouse. Poppa thought that it was totally appropriate to take us to the store in our homemade get-ups, Nana and Mom not so much! I mean, we were wearing headbands as shirts. Who knew now that Hailey and I would be doing what we love, doing hair and make up and writing a style blog. We clearly had lots and lots of practice!

My favorite accomplishments and most trying times of my entire life have revolved around change. And the one thing that has always remained the same, is my sister. She was and will always be my partner in crime. She is my go-to gal. She has shared in every single moment of my life, literally from our first breath to first heartbreak. We share the love of shopping, and I’m sure Jacob is absolutely thrilled about that. She would tell my Barbies what to say when I didn’t know what they wanted to say. She let me push her down a muddy hill in white overalls before Easter pictures when Nana told us not to get dirty. She would let me talk her into taking a little stroll on the wild side. And she would make sure that I didn’t get into any trouble. Because that’s what a good sister would do, right?!

Hailey has forever been my person. And I’m so thankful that I get to share my person with the most perfect man for her.

Hailey, I can’t lie and say that I’m not sad that we are no longer the Nouis twins. But I can promise that I’m so excited to watch you grow as a wife and mother as Mrs. Hailey Rae Daniels.

To the newly married couple, I love you both so much and wish you a lifetime of happiness. And I’m absolutely certain, that between the two of you, that your life together will never be boring! Cheers!

So here’s to all of the Maid of Honor’s out there, that work hard to make your best gal pal the happiest bride there ever was!
X, K


Bachelorette Party

The Daniels wedding has finally come to an end and the beginning of a marriage! Here’s a recap of Hailey’s bachelorette party!

Hailey’s wedding has come to an end and her and her new husband (SO WEIRD TO SAY!) are off to L’Auberge for a little honeymoon! Last night was absolutely magical and even through the rain, we danced the night away and celebrated two precious souls! We’ve fallen behind on blog posts but we’re  back and have exciting content coming your way!
Last weekend, myself and the rest of the bridesmaids threw her a little bachelorette bash at Hotel Sorella in City Centre! We went to dinner at Cyclone Anaya’s, a brunch at Sweet Paris, and a little pool time and shopping! We had an amazing time celebrating Mrs. Daniels and we are so excited to see her marriage unfold. 
Keep an eye out for our summer posts!
X, K