#NSale: Early Access

The most anticipated sale of the year starts today! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is by far my favorite because it is fully stocked with new items for fall that sell out FAST! Most sales are the last of inventory or towards the end of the season so basically it’s the items that were picked last to play baseball! Therefore, the #NSale is one to check out! This is the opportune time to stock your closet with autumn basics like sweaters, boots, and totes!
If you are a Nordstrom debit or credit card holder, early access opened today and if you are anything like me, sales make you have a tiny bit of anxiety! I feel like I’m in a race to find the best deal or get the last 5.5 in a shoe. No worries with this sale! Everything is fully stocked and I went through the entire sale this morning and I picked my favorite from each category. I will be doing product reviews for the next several weeks on what I get from the sale so make sure you check back here periodically and of course our Instagram! 

Don’t go into debt over a huge sale like this. It’s really important to stick to your budget and buy smart! If that’s the case, I pick a few pieces from each category and narrow them down to see what I really want!





Happy shopping! I hope you have a wonderful time shopping my favorite sale of the year at Nordstrom! If you have any questions regarding sizes, brands, or what I think are good buys don’t hesitate to shoot us an email!

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