Summer Sips

“She has that certain je’ne said quo”


Fourth of July weekend is over and we’re back to normal work grind! I work every weekend doing hair and make up for weddings (holidays are no exception) and I spent most of the weekend making brides and their gals beautiful for their special day. As much as I wished I was floating on the lake with my beau and friends, I worked with some of the most appreciative and sweet girls that truly loved what I did and that definitely made working a little less painful! Besides, it’s not work when you’re doing what you love! Every night we went to bed around 4 AM and it kicked my butt! My high school self would have absolutely no problem staying up till the wee hours of the morning but my adult self just can’t hang! Lukas and I came home to find the third floor bathroom flooded (what a way to celebrate the fourth!) so we spent yesterday climbing up in to the attic and he managed to fix the problem. We then grabbed some pizza and watched fireworks over the Houston skyline. It wasn’t glamorous or fancy. It was simple and casual, just the way I like it! I sometimes wish I planned out my posts and outfits accordingly, but I don’t have my life together that much! I was perfectly comfortable in my Yankee hat, plain white tee, and cutoffs! Perfect ensemble if you ask me! 
Upcoming events! Hailey and I will be hosting a #KendraGivesBack party at the Kendra Scott in The Woodlands on July 18th! We are so excited to be doing another charity event with KS and being able to donate to Star of Hope! The new Fall collection will have just debuted and we will be helping shoppers pick out their favorite pieces and of course, picking out our own!) We will be there from 6:00-8:00 and we would love to meet you if you happen to be in the area! 
This look has been a favorite of mine: florals and rompers! Houston heat has got the best of me and I have vowed to not to wear pants for the rest of the summer! Hope you’ve found your summer staple!

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