Carrie Bradshaw Would Wear This

VICI Collection Collaboration: Maxi Vibes


Happy Monday!
First things first…this is my first post for August and I’m sitting over here like “the first week of August needs a speeding ticket!” Time has seriously ran away from me! My to-do list has seemed to be never ending and I feel like I maybe have two things crossed off. I’ve been getting ready for my “big girl” move aka moving into my first apartment and I’m on the hunt for the most perfect couch! It’s so funny how priorities have changed! I used to online shop for shoes and now sofas?! #adulting

This dress has found it’s home in my CARRIE BRADSHAW WOULD WEAR THIS section. Call me crazy, but I base all of my fun party dresses on whether or not SJP would wear them. I do believe that she would wear this one in the sand dunes of Abu Dhabi or at Paris Fashion Week. Am I right?! This is one of the pieces that the ladies over at VICI sent me and I absolutely loved this collaboration!  This dress comes in several colors but I am a pink girl through and through. It’s effortlessly flowy, has a perfect plunging neckline, and slits to make it easy to walk in. The best maxi in my book! 
I have a teeny disclaimer! This dress is really long! And when I mean long you feel like you are wearing Princess Di’s 25 foot long train wedding gown. Dramatic? Maybe. But being on the petite side I’ve learned to accept that everything is going to be a solid 6 inches too long. So, I’ve learned to own it if I don’t have time to get it hemmed.
Many of you have been asking to see Hailey’s wedding pictures and just hold tight! We are working on getting them up ASAP. It’ll be well worth the wait!

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  1. Laci says:

    Will the wedding be on the blog (or have I completely overlooked it)?! I would LOVE to know who made the wedding and bridesmaids dress! You guys look STUNNIBG!

    • HaileyKailey Nouis says:

      We had to wait to post it because it’s being published in Wedding Chicks next week! We’ll post on Instagram when it’s up! 🙂

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