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Happy Thursday! Headed to The Nutcracker Market today with the Sunkissed girls, SO EXCITED! We look forward to this day every year and we take off the whole day! Sorry future brides! There are things to be bought and mimosas to be drank!

Near death experience this week. Kidding, I love being dramatic! I pride myself on not have so much as a scratch on my car. My Poppa has always instilled in me that if you take care of your car it will last forever. I walk around my car almost everyday to make sure no one has hit their door in to the side or bumped the back since I live in an apartment complex. People don’t pay attention! Any who, I was headed to the studio and was crossing over a street when this bat out of hell {little old lady} ran a light, making me slam on my breaks and grazing the very back of her bumper. WHAT IF I HAD LOOKED DOWN FOR A SECOND?!! Major collision would have happened! I pulled over to the side, my heart was literally floating around in my stomach, and got out of my car. This little old thing was obviously just as scared as I was when she got out of her car with not a scratch on it. The very front corner of my car had a few scuffs which were easily buffed out {thanks, Poppa!}. She said that she was sorry and we went on our way. I didn’t call the police to make a report because A) my inspection/registration was out and I would have gotten a ticket for that. B) There was nothing wrong with her car. C) We weren’t hurt. D) I was so scared I couldn’t even think straight. I almost took out this old lady’s car!!! I would have felt TERRIBLE had it been worse and it wasn’t even my fault! Thank you, Jesus, for making me keep my eyes on the road and not reach for my chai tea latte. You’re the man.

I got this top at Beehive Boutique in Houston two weeks ago and I love it paired with my flared jeans. Lately I’ve been loving the 70’s vibes. I’ve been a little unsuccessful finding this top online but I’ll do my best to find one similar!

It’s almost the weekend, what are your plans?

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