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Hi, guys! We hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend! We spent our Sunday night being serenaded by the super dreamy John Mayer with our best lady friends, and it was MAGICAL! If you are at all a John Mayer fan, nothing beats hearing him live. He is so witty and has the best stage presence, not to mention he sounds even better in person. MAGICAL, y’all. MAGICAL.

Anyway, today we’re sharing a few tips and tricks of working your way around the world of As influencers on, we truly feel a responsibility to educate our readers and followers on how to use the apps and links! You may have seen a little link in our pictures on Instagram and you may have thought “what am I supposed to do with that?” This little link holds all of our outfit details with ready to shop products. LTK is super easy to use and shop the links so here are two separate ways to use

1. Download the app and sign up. By signing up, you’ll have an account and be able to shop all of your favorite influencers posts that are affiliated with

2. Each post that you like that is accompanied with a link, will also be saved to your app so you can shop later.

3. Also, if you screenshot any posts that have a link, it will be saved on your app.

It’s that easy, y’all. On all of our posts, we include the link in our caption. So many of friends and followers complain about having to type in the link which is kinda annoying to switch between Instagram and their browser. By downloading the, you’re making it super duper easy on yourself…and it a little hard on your wallet. LOL!

We super appreciate every purchase made through our links here on our blog and Instagram account as it truly does help keep our content and blog going and running smoothly! We hope that this has made it even more easy to shop, and if anyone ever has any questions about the app please DM us! We will do our absolute best to answer in a timely manner! Much love, friends!


X, Hailey & Kailey


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