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Hi, loves! Had a really great weekend with sweet friends and ended the night at hot yoga! Y’all…I found my calling in life! I LOVE hot yoga. As granola as it sounds, it truly centers me and makes me feel stronger and more confident. Plus you’re burning a TON of calories and sweating in places you didn’t know you could sweat. #yum LOL! I’ve been going to classes pretty religiously for the past couple of weeks, making it a point to go as much as possible. I can honestly say it’s better than any therapy I’ve been to. I encourage you to find a muse or a hobby that sets your mind on refresh, it’s an amazing and rewarding feeling!

As I’m getting my youtube channel started, I wanted to give y’all a list of make up products I love! I did a “baking” post back in October and if you click hereit’ll take you right to it! That post has descriptions on everything and why they are on my must- have list!

P.S. I’ve been loving this foundation lately! It’s a full coverage foundation, long-lasting, and has worked really well with my combination skin {oily in the t-zone and dry everywhere else}. Got an ugly break out, no worries. This foundation will make your skin look like a baby.

Have a fantastic week! Choose happiness!


X, Hailey & Kailey


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