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For those of you that don’t know, Hailey and I own a hair and make up company called Etoilly Artistry! We wear lots of hats, but running our company together has been one of our greatest accomplishments and one that we are so passionate about! I (K) have been a professional hairstylist + makeup artist for four years and H turned in her teacher badge to join me in the beauty industry two and a half years ago and it was the BEST decision. Every weekend, we are commuting all over Texas (and California) to do hair and makeup and we have to admit, it’s a pretty sweet gig. It’s so fun to get to meet so many special women and to be a part of a bride’s special day. I’ve loved make up ever since I can remember. I started doing my own makeup for dance when I was 9 years old. I remember being in my mom’s bathroom critiquing her work and when I told her I could do a better job than her, that’s when I started doing my own makeup. My poor mother! Over the years, we’ve found a wide range of our favorite products and we thought it would be fun to share what’s in our kits!


The eye shadow primer is a must for keeping your eyeshadow from creasing. I use it on every client. I also love the roach liner for lining the bottom lash line. It makes a client’s eyes really pop!


This primer has changed my life. It’s makes concealer and foundation glide on seamlessly for an ultra flawless complexion. It’s quite pricey but it’s worth every penny. The Becca Champagne Pop highlighter is a cult favorite. Looks great on everyone.


Keeping it simple with just two products. I use this to fill in brows and this to keep the hairs in place.


My absolute favorite combination is this and this and lined with Boldly Bare. The liquid lipstick stays on all day and the gloss in Sugar Sugar adds the prettiest shine.


X, Hailey & Kailey


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