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a firm decision to do or not to do something.


the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

Happy 2017! I hope everyone had the best time ringing in the new year! We spent the night in Austin with great friends, getting soaked with champagne showers, and I got to smooch the love of my life at midnight. I wouldn’t want to spend New Years Eve any other way.

What a year 2016 was for me!  I worked harder {and smarter} than I ever have in my entire life. I created beautiful work that I can honestly say that I am so very proud of. I grew emotionally. I faced my anxiety and depression, and I’m learning how to cope with it everyday. I’m no longer embarrassed that I have this illness because I learned that it doesn’t define me, it’s just a little kink that I’m working out. I grew in love. I have never felt so adored, cared for, and thought of by anyone {other than my family} as much as Lukas has for me. He makes me want to be my best self and this love, without a doubt, is my biggest blessing. I never go a day without thanking my lucky stars for him. I became an aunt. Lily Rae Daniels entered into our lives and hearts on our birthday. Hailey is such an amazing momma and it has brought our family so much joy to watch her nurture and love on that little girl. I traveled. Going to NYC and Italy were completely magical. Experiecing new cities, new culture, and new life changed my perceptions of others in so many ways.

I’m loving life right now and I feel so incredibly thankful for what I accomplished in 2016, and my only hope for 2017 is to continue to live a fulfilling life that makes me proud. I hope I make mistakes and that I learn from them. I hope that I reach all of my goals and if I don’t, I hope that I have the knowledge and confidence to change my path to getting there. 2016 was amazing and it will be hard to beat, but I can try.

I’ve decided to not share my goals or resolutions this year. I want to keep them sacred and special to me! I do better when I focus solely on myself and I’m so excited for what’s to come this year!

Whether you’ve made a resolution or set a goal for yourself, you’ve got this girl!

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X, Hailey & Kailey


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