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Happy {Hurricane} Wednesday, folks! We are very grateful and blessed to report that unlike so many Houston neighborhoods, both of our houses are dry and untouched by flood waters. It has been a very scary 72+ hours, and we are so thankful that all of our family and friends have come up okay and safe. Mine and my husband’s town of Mont Belvieu is seriously devastated by the flood waters, and we are doing our best to gather anything we can give to those who are suffering and praying for safety and peaceful hearts. After all, it’s just stuff. It can be replaced. We encourage anyone who is called to help in this tragedy to donate at this link. If you are unable to give a donation, please give us your prayers. Because we need them desperately.

For a bit of lightness, I wore this little number to a much needed date night a few weeks ago, and it definitely was a knockout. Kailey had an outfit malfunction during our Madewell event, so I naturally had to borrow it. One of the perks of having a sister that wears the exact same size as you. The little stars are so cute but edgy, and the cut is super flattering. Again, y’all already know how much we LAAAAAHHHHVVVE these jeans.

 As for now, we’re trying to stay busy inside and keep Miss Lily from getting cabin fever. Again, please pray for the Texas areas that have been hurt by this devastating storm and give whatever you are called to give. Big or small. We love y’all!

Here is a list of charities that are accepting donations in efforts to recover from Hurricane Harvey.


American Red Cross – Text HARVEY to 90999 and you’ll have made a $10 donation, which you’ll see on your next phone bill.

JJ Watt Houston Flood Relief Fund – It is $7,000 away from it’s $6,000,000 goal! So incredibly amazing. 

Salvation Army – The Salvation has responded to those in need affected by Hurricane Harvey and is accepting monetary donations and physical donations.


If you can’t give financially, the shelters are in need of so much. Here is a list of necessities that would be greatly appreciated: water, diapers, wipes, baby formula, baby food, bathroom essentials, feminine hygeine products, coloring books/colors, children’s books/young adult novels, toys, towels, blankets, and pillows. There are several shelters all across the Houston area so click here to see a complete list of shelters that are in need of items and volunteers.

Again, we appreciate everyone’s efforts that have been made in the form of prayer or giving. We love our city and our readers.


X, Hailey & Kailey


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