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Happy Tuesday, loves! It’s a new week, a new grind, a moment to hit the reset button. I would like to consider myself a busy person, high functioning under pressure, and thrives off of organized chaos! Hailey would like to think otherwise, on the daily she reminds me of how crazy I am and tells me to simmerrrrrr down when I’m getting ahead of myself. Despite her opinion (lol!), I feel like I have a really great balance between work and play. I know when to hustle hard and when to close my laptop and meet the girls for happy hour. It’s a lifestyle that I’ve gradually perfected over the years due to my never ending bucket list, and I wanted to share with you my regimen on how to lead a happy life with an overwhelming, busy schedule!

Have a planner

When you’re a boss babe, it’s really important to keep an organized schedule. It’s easy to forget appointments and meetings, and I’m a person that WILL forget them if I don’t put pen to paper! My planner is my lifesaver, I love this one because it fits really well in to my work tote and the print is so feminine.

Make a priority list for the week

Raise your hand if you’re a list maker! Again, the whole pen to paper thing is pretty crucial for me to be a productive human being in society and making a list of what I need to accomplish for the week keeps me in check! I’m really bad, actually terrible, at staying on task if I don’t make a checklist of the to-dos so if I know that I have  (excuse my language) a shit ton of things to do, I’ll type everything out in Notes on my phone. I will then screenshot it, and make it my phone’s background until everything is done!

Get a good night’s sleep

I’m an 80 year old grandma trapped in a 23 year old body, so you will not be catching me bumpin’ and grindin’ at the club at all hours of the night because home girl needs her sleep. It’s important to prioritize how much sleep you’re getting, and sleep is something that I’m not willing to compromise on. I’m an absolute troll if I get less than seven hours of sleep and I’ll look haggard. Haggard women don’t get shit done. So make sure you’re getting plenty of zzzs so you can conquer the world!

Have “me” time

If getting a manicure, pouring yourself a glass of wine, going to hot yoga (my number one choice), and/or flipping on your favorite show is how you wind down and have “me” time, I highly recommend doing so after a hectic day/week. We go, go, go and we very rarely reward ourselves with our favorite guilty pleasures when we all have them! Having an hour to yourself with no distractions can work wonders for your mind when it’s be going non stop.

Prioritize your relationships

One of my biggest blessings in life is my amazing friends. I owe a lot to them for my success as they have supported me, encouraged me, understood me, and have given me the best advice during my growth as a business owner. It would be easy for me to say “oh, I don’t have time to go to dinner” or “I’m way too busy to give so and so a phone call”, but as of lately it has hit home that we’re never promised or vowed how much time we have here. Cultivating meaningful relationships will bring you so much happiness and will give you more support in life than you ever thought possible, pinky promise! (P.S. If you’re one of my bestie and you’re reading this, I LOVE YOU.)

Find things/people that motivate and inspire you

Having a busy life can potentially drain your creativity and leave you feeling unmotivated. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I like to put some worship music on and get on Pinterest. It helps me collect my thoughts and gets the creative juices flowing. It’s different for everyone, but finding something that you can go back to for inspiration can reset your priorities and goals for yourself.

If you’re schedule feels too much to handle, it’s never a bad idea to re-evaluate what you’re trying to accomplish. We have the same hours in the day as Beyonce, so use them wisely!

The world is your oyster, love y’all!


X, Hailey & Kailey


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