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Happy Friday! You know when that person comes in to your life and you’re like “thank you God for sending me this angel”? Dede Raad with Dress Up Buttercup is that angel that I’ve been needing for quite some time. It’s a true blessing when you click with someone on so many levels and I’m so grateful for such a genuine friendship in her. We met several months ago and both of us {mainly her, lol} have been on the go non-stop and catching up with her last night was just what my little heart needed. I feel like I’m writing an ad about her but she is just so darn AMAZING!

Last night Dede and I attended an event that Lea Carmen and It’s All Chic To Me   put on at Beehive Boutique in Houston and they did a fabulous job of providing the bubbles and shopping! It was so nice to see some of my blogger babes when all of us lead such busy lives and hectic schedules. I always get the “you don’t have a real job so why are you busy” comment and I’m always thinking at the back of my head “you should meet my friends” 🙂 Most of these girls are married, have full time jobs ON TOP of blogging, taking care of their babies, and building a business so when I say I’m surrounded by true #girlbosses, I mean it! There the type of gals you want in your corner when the going gets rough.

I wore this sweater from Ruthie Grace Boutique to the event at Beehive last night! It’s still pretty hot here in Houston but the off the shoulder fit was perfect for the evening. I paired it with my go-to skinnies and my nude heels that I wear way too much! I do have other shoes if you were wondering 🙂 If you are ever in Montgomery, Texas you must stop by this little boutique! Ruthie Grace Boutique is also offering y’all a 10% off discount code using DOULBESHOT. It’s off your entire purchase and they are fully stocked with fall staples!

What’s everyone being for Halloween?! I love a good DIY costume so I’m sure I’ll throw one together tomorrow night for a birthday party! I’ve picked up a little part time job with being an assistant to Cake & Confetti and Meredith had me help behind the scenes on her most recent project! My extensive glitter glueing experience came in handy for her DIY Space Cadet outfit and it’s pure magical! Go check it out here! 🙂

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  1. Lea Carmen
    Lea Carmen
    October 29, 2016 at 6:15 am

    Kailey you are so sweet! I absolutely loved this top you wore to the event! You did such a great job styling it-so happy you were able to hang out for a bit! Xo!

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