Tory Burch ‘Fleming’ Handbag Review

Double Shot of Sass | Tory Burch 'Fleming' Handbag Review Double Shot of Sass | Tory Burch 'Fleming' Handbag Review Double Shot of Sass | Tory Burch 'Fleming' Handbag ReviewDouble Shot of Sass | Tory Burch 'Fleming' Handbag Review

Out of all the bags I’ve purchased over the years, this pretty in pink Tory Burch handbag is at the top of my favorites list! The amount of compliments I get on it is too many to count, the convertible strap, the diamond-quilted leather, and the medium size shape makes the “Fleming” a win in my book. I’ve been asked if it was worth the hefty price tag, and even when I purchased it I thought to myself “you better reaaaaaaally love this purse if you’re going to spend this much money.” I know some have no problem dropping a couple of hundred dollars on a purse but it is SO hard for me – I would rather put that money towards a plane ticket! However, I’ve been really happy with how it’s held up over the past four months which brings me to sharing the pros and cons of this gorgeous bag!


  1. It maintains it’s shape really well! Even after four months, it still stands up right and has zero slouches.
  2. The convertible chain is everything. It was one of my biggest selling points, I love wearing it long for a more elegant look and short when I’m feeling sassy (but that’s like…all the time.)
  3. The diamond-quilted leather makes the handbag have such a glamorous appeal. I can wear it with a cocktail dress but still rock it with distressed denim and a white v-neck.
  4. It comes in multiple colors (black, navy, blue, red, and pink.) If I had to pick another color, I would get black. Breakfast at Tiffany’s vibes.
  5. It’s a perfect mid-size purse. Not too big for an everyday/all occasion purse but can definitely hold a significant amount of items. I have at least eight lipsticks in that purse at all times!
  6. The tassel on the chain adds a little flair to the classic style.
  7. The leather is super soft.


  1. As much as I love the ‘Bedrock’ color (the color I have), it shows every little mark since it’s so pale. I try to wipe it down as much as possible but it’s pretty inevitable for something to get on it. If you can’t accept that, go with a darker color!
  2. The magnet clasp is a little hard for me to open. I can’t open it with just one hand and requires a little effort to open. That in turn doesn’t help with keeping the purse clean.
  3. The corners have peeled due to rubbing on my jeans. This is the most upsetting to me due to the hefty price tag.

My cons list is very short, I truly love this bag! But I felt like I needed to let y’all know anything that you would absolutely want to know if you were about to spend $500 on a purse. I love pink purses, if you know me at all you definitely know that I consider pink a neutral! I’ve linked below some more pink handbags at every price point, enjoy!


X, Hailey & Kailey


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