Double Shot of Sass | Lace LBDDouble Shot of Sass | Lace LBD

Double Shot of Sass | Lace LBD

Double Shot of Sass | Lace LBD

Double Shot of Sass | Lace LBD



…and we’re back! Welcome to our new designed website! This project of migrating from Bloggers to WordPress has been a major labor of love and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Amber Oliver! She was so helpful and answered every crazy question I had! I think I sent her around 50 emails within 2 days…of questions! I’m kind of, sort of bad terrible at computers or anything to do with technology for that matter so she was an angel! (I know what you’re thinking, how does she run a blog if she’s bad?) Belieeeeeve me, I google just about everything! If you are ever needing blogging assistance, she’s your girl!

Life has been crazy per usual! We’re celebrating every major milestone in one’s life for Hailey. Graduation. Check. First Job. Check. Wedding. Check. First adult car. Check. First baby. Check. If I’m not mistaken, I think we’re going to call 2016 the “Year of Hailey.” It’s so appropriate! It’s leaving her little time to blog if you’ve been wondering where she’s been. She’s a little occupied growing a human! We are showering Lily and her momma this Sunday and I will have you know we will not be participating in any silly party game shenanigans. We are having a flower crown bar, much more chic! Pictures to come, of course!

This dress has been on repeat. It’s everything you want in a LBD. Lace. Pretty neckline. Detailed back. Perfect length. It comes in several colors and is currently on sale for under $40. Don’t you love when that happens?! This girl does. 🙂 I loved how I could wear this outfit to work and not have to change for dinner and drinks with Lukas. He doesn’t necessarily love that I take a solid 30 minutes for an ensemble change so he really likes this get-up! And of course, I paired this dress with my all time favorite booties. I get compliments practically every time I wear them! They are comfortable and stand true to my “if-you’re-not-crying-after-standing-for-eight-hours-while-doing-hair/make-up-keep-them” motto!

Thank you for being so patient during the renovation of our site! Still working on a few kinks here and there but I promise we are back for good!

Happy Wednesday!



X, Hailey & Kailey


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