Happy Memorial Day! Say a prayer for our fallen soldiers as well as their families, men and women still in the service, and those that have dedicated their lives to protecting our country! God Bless!

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Is anyone doing something fun for the holiday?! I will be working with the Sunkissed girls Sunday morning and then off to the lake for a little Beer Olympics (who knew there was such a thing), water time with my love, and camping. That’s right. I said it. Camping. I think the last time I slept in a tent I was 7 and I remember not liking it very much because I was mortified that some little critter was going to curl up beside me! Yikes! So, I’ve suggested that Lukas and I bring an air mattress and fold down all the seats in my Ford Edge. It’s big enough, right?! I just can’t bring myself to sleep in a tent. I’m trying to play it cool because there will be SEVERAL couples and friends participating in this fun weekend and I can’t be that crazed lunatic that doesn’t want to sleep on the ground! Dear Baby Jesus, I ask you to grant me the strength and sanity to not be that crazy girlfriend that makes a scene and embarrasses Lukas. Amen. 
I’ve lately made a deal with myself that I would stop wearing Lululemon leggings and work out tee’s everyday when I don’t have any appointments. And lately I have been falling short of this deal but I’m trying to make an effort! Waking up and actually fixing my hair and putting on make up is one of the best personal motivators for me. It wakes me up and gets me started for the day feeling like a million bucks! By no means am I saying that I have to doll myself up to feel good about my appearance, but it definitely puts my day on a high note! Especially when you accidentally switch your Snapchat camera to your face and you have like 6 chins and you look like Fiona from Shrek…you know what I mean and don’t pretend that you don’t! Having a little mascara and blush softens that unexpected selfie! With also making an effort to not look like a troll everyday, I decided to put real clothes on! No more gym outfits when I’m not going to the gym, TEARS! This is a good thing I tell myself! I haven’t decided if I believe it or not but I’ve been wearing a TON of rompers and dresses! This blush midi dress has been on repeat for me because of it’s effortless fit and girly blush hue! I can wear it with sandals or heels and it still makes a statement! It’s a little longer than I would want but I’m on the shorter side so I just deal! It’s a must for the summer and upcoming vacations!
Again, be safe and have fun this Memorial Day weekend! Make sure to say a little prayer for me that I don’t lose my *you know what*!
X, K


X, Hailey & Kailey


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