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Spring 2016: Wedding Bells Attire

Hey, sassies! It’s that time of year and wedding season is about to be in full swing! Who doesn’t love a good wedding?! Us gals love to get dressed up for such occasions; however, the stress of finding the perfect outfit that doesn’t clash with your man’s suit is pretty understandable! Who are we kidding, he dresses according to YOUR outfit! Here’s a little dress guide and wedding etiquette!

When you’re invited to a wedding, it’s really important that this day…is not your day! So dress accordingly! Being in this industry (if ya didn’t know, I’m a hair/make up artist for Sunkissed & Made Up) I have seen a ton of do’s and don’t’s that I can recall that the bride was not happy about! Like wearing white (HUGE NO, YOU CRAZY). I try to stay away from the wedding’s color scheme and you can usually figure that out by what’s on the invitation. It’s not a big deal if you end up wearing the same shade of blush pink as the bridesmaids, but even though they are not the bride they are meant to stand out just a teeny bit! So patterns are a good option when you’re not exactly sure what color to wear!
Modesty is also something to think about. No one wants to see your belly button, cleavage you can see a mile away, your bra straps hanging out, or a hemline so short you’re about to show everyone the newest print from Victoria’s Secret. Small cut-outs here and there are okay if in the right place, just be mindful that there will be grandma’s at weddings and they will not approve. I try to keep my hemline a little above my knee if I’m wearing a short dress or wear a maxi to avoid that all together. I have ZERO cleavage (shocking!) so that’s never an issue for me! But if it is for you, strap those puppies down and save them for later!
Pay attention to the details and think ahead:

Also, take note on what the dress code actually is (i.e. casual, semi-formal, cocktail, formal, black tie) and that will save your guest from any embarrassment! When in doubt, I always say it’s better to be overdressed then underdressed! And one more thing, bring a pair of comfortable but pretty sandals to slip on when your feet are crying from your new heels! You’ll thank me later. I never go barefoot at wedding because glasses get broken, drinks get spilled, and toes get stepped on. Not. Worth. It. I also like to bring a little clutch for lip gloss, powder, and phone. One time I almost left my phone at a wedding and you can imagine that drama and tears that would have been happening if I had not gone back to the table. So, it’s always nice to keep everything together. 

Just do it. Because it’s rude if you don’t! This couple/couple’s family is paying  an arm and a leg for this day which entails A LOT OF MONEY. Head count is extremely important when budgeting for wedding expenses and your RSVP means so much to them. Say something comes up and you are unable to attend, send the bride the sweetest text that something came up. She will understand and will appreciate letting them know so they can make arrangements. And it will save her $10-$20 on food and alcohol per plate + any other costs/planning concerning head count!
So there’s my little do’s and don’t’s on what to a wear to a wedding and how you can attend a wedding stress free! 
What’s your favorite wedding season?
X, K

My peaceful corner of the world…

Hi, everyone! It’s Kailey here! I’ve never really done a complete in-depth blog post of my room and I thought it might be a great time to do so! Hailey and I are pretty obsessed with home decor and architecture and we are both constantly finding new gems for J&H’s home and my room!

 I’m really proud of this room — it has been my little piece of heaven when my reality is less than pleasant. I moved in with my grandparents (if you follow us on Instagram you know them as Nana and Poppa) about two and a half years ago during an incredibly trying time in my life. I was sad, depressed, devastated, and all around just not in a good place. When I started picking out things for my new room, I knew I wanted peace, simplicity, clean, and serenity to be the vibe! And I think I created that,  because that’s exactly what I feel when I’m in this room! I adore the natural light that floods my room in the morning, my plushy white bed, a few DIY pieces, pictures of my favorite loves, and little touches of my own personal style! 
-Where I count my sheep!- 
My bed is pretty amazing if you ask me! I bought my bed here and it was under $200. Such. A. Steal. I always had a twin size bed up until I was 18 (quit laughing) so when I got a “big girl” bed you can imagine my excitement! I feel like it has such a girly touch to my room and it fits just perfect to where I still have room to walk around. The pillows and tray are from Target and Pier 1 Imports, my two favorite places for home decor! You can always find affordable, stylish, and all variety pieces. I also love my snow white comforter and sheets; however, it was not the best decision on my part since I used to spray tan pretty frequently! When I do get a spray tan, I pull back all the sheets like a crazy person and sleep on beach towels because I am so careful about keeping those dang sheets clean and fresh looking! The life of a pale person who can’t tan in the sun. It’s a rough life. I also really love my tray on my bed, it keeps all my current magazines organized and it makes me feel fancier than I really am!

Wall Decor-
So I have three really special pieces on my walls. The first one is my DIY window pane with the wreath hanging in the middle. I found the window for $35 at an antique show a few years ago. I love old windows, I feel like each one has a story linked to someone’s life and I find that so fascinating. If you ever see old windows like this with wood framing BUY IT. They are becoming harder and harder to find in good condition and it gives just a touch of oldness along with the newness in any home! The bicycle wood picture above my bed was given to me for my birthday from a very sweet friend and blogger, Lots of Lovely! We took a mini girls road trip along with our coworker and best friend, Jenna, to Waco, Texas a few months ago! Our main reason for this impromptu excursion was to go shop at Magnolia Market! Anyone watch Fixer Uppers? If you aren’t, you’re missing out and if you are, you can relate to the obsession that we have for Chip and Joanna Gaines! While we were shopping I saw that gorgeous bicycle hanging on the store wall and I knew it needed to be in my trunk headed back to Houston in a few hours. BUT reality set in and it was a little out of my budget to spend since I was still in college (poor! poor! poor!). I figured that if it was meant to be it would go on sale in a few months. Well, my birthday came around a few months later and Candice surprised me with this as a gift. I literally cried in her foyer and hugged her neck for a good ten minutes. It is one of the sweetest gifts I have ever received and it is so dear to me. The last piece that’s not pictured very well is an antique window pane that was in a beauty salon. It’s probably from the 50’s or 60’s and my mom gave it to me for Christmas last year! Like I said, I love old things with character and a story!

-Little gems here and there!-
All of my frames are from, you guessed it, Pier 1 Imports! They have awesome priced frames with an amazing selection so naturally I go there! I hold all of my bracelets on this adorable little porcelain scalloped cake plate and that stands on top of some coffee table books. I LOVE CANDLES. My two favorites that I have in my room right now is the signature scent from Magnolia Market and the other that’s by my TV is Volcano by Capri Blue. AH-MAZING. The cotton spray is also from Magnolia Market but you can also find them at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby!

Well that was fun! Thank you for taking a look at my little peaceful corner of the world and I hope you are able to create a space that makes you happy like I have. It’s one of the most rewarding things I have done for myself. 
X, K


Raise your hand if you want perfect skin? YAS, that’s what we thought! We outlined what our favorite Rodan+Fields products and what gets us through the day! Enjoy!

Before I do anything, I always take off my eye and face makeup with the Redefine Eye Cloths ($30). These babies are a unique blend of proven peptides and they minimize the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and under eye puffiness while dissolving stubborn eye makeup.
The Redefine Daily Cleansing Mask ($41) is a creamy, kaolin based cleansing mask dries in 2 minutes, drawing impurities from pores without robbing skin of essential moisture. Finely granulated exfoliators gently smooth the skin and release an emollient skin conditioner to leave skin super soft and supple.
The Redefine Pore Minimizing Toner ($47) minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores (bc ew) in this fast-acting, alcohol free toner. Gentle polyhydroxy acids exfoliate pore clogging dead skin cells while natural oligosaccharides help reduce the appearance of pores.  
The Redefine regimen comes with two moisturizes, one for the AM (Redefine Triple Defense Treatment Broad Spectrum SPF 30 ($80)) and one for the PM (Redefine Overnight Restorative Cream ($73)). The Overnight Restorative Cream is seriously like putting butter on your face.
To buy the entire regimen, it would be an overall cost of $193. I have attached the link here to purchase. However, if you contact me via email (doubleshotofsass@gmail) I can explain to you how you can get a 10% discount and free shipping!
If you have not heard with my way past mild obsession with Rodan + Fields, then perk your ears up and listen! R+F has seriously been such a blessing in my life. I started using R+F Unblemish regimen last semester when my face literally went on a “I hate Hailey” campaign. I had these tiny red bumps (at least 20 at a time) surround the creases of my nose and forehead, and it was embarrassing to say the least. I was approached by a sweet friend about trying Unblemish, and within a week I had zero acne and bought my business kit. I feel so passionate about this product that I want to help others get their confidence back, and any product made out of unicorn tears is worth putting your name next to!
Once my acne cleared up, I was so excited to try other R+F products. Working in Unblemish when needed, my morning and evenings revolve around the R+F Redefine regimen. Redefine is created with peptide technology that eliminates the appearance of lines, pores, and loss of firmness. It’s never too early or too late to start taking anti-aging procedures, and Redefine completely makes your skin flawless. The regimen comes with a daily facial mask, pore minimizing toner, and AM and PM creams. Don’t let the prices scare you because my products always last me at least 90 days! 
Also, if you’re looking for a little financial freedom while still maintain your busy life and schedule, please contact me! I would love to share how much this business has changed my life, skin, and finances! 

Busy Lives

Hi, sassies! Thank ya for checking in with us again! We’ve had a heck of a busy schedule these past couple of weeks and have been pulled in a million and one directions. The hustle and bustle of this time of year is much like Christmas minus presents, Santa Claus, and peppermint mochas. This time of year looks a lot like organizing receipts and filing taxes (LOATHE DOING THIS EVERY YEAR!!!). Adulting is harder than it looks.



 We have been reading about coding, getting content together for DSS, student teaching, working, figuring out LiketoKnow.It, and learning how to use our fancy shmancy camera. Seriously, we’re just now figuring out how to use aperture, how to shoot in RAW, shutter speed, and what the heck ISO is?!  Anyway, there’s whole lot more nonsense that has been taking up our time that we can’t remember right now because we’re border line ADD (not joking). We are finally feeling like our brand is a complete reflection of ourselves and vision, and we hope that inspires other bloggers to be original and authentic to themselves. 

When we’re overwhelmed with a long to-do list, we have to pump the breaks and regroup. We’re very much perfectionists and this has taken some time managing our busy lives while still staying authentic to our brand and to ourselves. Life happens even when you’re trying your hardest to stay organized. Here’s a few tips we have that help us stay sane:
1. Time management, time management, time management. Think about how long a certain task will take and cut out time in your morning or evening, whichever works for you! We are definitely morning people so waking up a tad bit earlier to get something done is much easier for us. And lets face it, we’re both in bed by 8:30 watching Netflix or recordings. And that’s VERY important.
2. Keep a planner! Kailey has an extremely up and down schedule with her job and coordinating schedules with H or Lukas is a job in itself! Keep a very detailed planner (time, date, location, travel time, etc.), and a little wiggle room  for emergencies…s*** happens. 
3. Be open to new plans when your plans deviate. Kailey struggles with this more than anything. Lukas always says that she needs to be more spontaneous and to not freak out  when things go a rye (because freaking out is her favorite). Life goes on even when Plan A decides to sleep in and Plan B is having a staring contest with you. So, chill out Kailey. (Hailey is way better at this.)
4. Don’t take things personally. Even when you think everyone is unicorns and glitter, that one lizard from Monsters Inc. will decide to throw you a curve ball. Not everyone is going to love what you have to say, what color lipstick you’re wearing that day, and/or the energy you put out (even it’s sunshine and Olaf singing in the background). Be confident that you’re putting good into the world even when others beg to differ.
5. Be original. You know the saying “mimicking is the best form of flattery.” Yeah. No. Nothing is more aggravating to see others in this line of business try to replicate your creativity. If you have a love, passion, vision, and drive to become a blogger, then it will show through. Creativity should come from you, not someone else’s Instagram. That being said, building your brand takes time and effort, and it’s more than okay if it doesn’t occur overnight. Promise yourself that you won’t fall to copying someone else’s hard work and posting it as your own.

Kendra Gives Back Event

We could not be more thankful and appreciative of the amazing turnout we had at our Kendra Gives Back Event that benefited Star of Hope. Star of Hope is an organization that is a Christ-centered community dedicated to meeting the needs to women, men, and children that are homeless, and it is very dear to our hearts. We were so honored to give back $858.14 to this wonderful organization, and we encourage everyone to learn about the amazing programs they offer. We hosted the event at the Kendra Scott Friendswood store, and we coordinated the event with Robin (event manager) and she was so lovely. We would also love to say “thank you” to Jade Magnolia who donated the beautiful sweets, our sweet as sugar friend, Moriah, who took pictures of us with our guests, and Candice Hollub (blogger of Lots of Lovely and sweet coworker of K’s) for doing the beautiful calligraphy at the mimosa bar. It truly takes a village to have an event run this smoothly, and we could not be more blessed by the relationships and friendships that we have who let us invest our time in. So much love that there isn’t enough words.