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Hi, everyone! It’s Kailey here! I’ve never really done a complete in-depth blog post of my room and I thought it might be a great time to do so! Hailey and I are pretty obsessed with home decor and architecture and we are both constantly finding new gems for J&H’s home and my room!

 I’m really proud of this room — it has been my little piece of heaven when my reality is less than pleasant. I moved in with my grandparents (if you follow us on Instagram you know them as Nana and Poppa) about two and a half years ago during an incredibly trying time in my life. I was sad, depressed, devastated, and all around just not in a good place. When I started picking out things for my new room, I knew I wanted peace, simplicity, clean, and serenity to be the vibe! And I think I created that,  because that’s exactly what I feel when I’m in this room! I adore the natural light that floods my room in the morning, my plushy white bed, a few DIY pieces, pictures of my favorite loves, and little touches of my own personal style! 
-Where I count my sheep!- 
My bed is pretty amazing if you ask me! I bought my bed here and it was under $200. Such. A. Steal. I always had a twin size bed up until I was 18 (quit laughing) so when I got a “big girl” bed you can imagine my excitement! I feel like it has such a girly touch to my room and it fits just perfect to where I still have room to walk around. The pillows and tray are from Target and Pier 1 Imports, my two favorite places for home decor! You can always find affordable, stylish, and all variety pieces. I also love my snow white comforter and sheets; however, it was not the best decision on my part since I used to spray tan pretty frequently! When I do get a spray tan, I pull back all the sheets like a crazy person and sleep on beach towels because I am so careful about keeping those dang sheets clean and fresh looking! The life of a pale person who can’t tan in the sun. It’s a rough life. I also really love my tray on my bed, it keeps all my current magazines organized and it makes me feel fancier than I really am!
Wall Decor-
So I have three really special pieces on my walls. The first one is my DIY window pane with the wreath hanging in the middle. I found the window for $35 at an antique show a few years ago. I love old windows, I feel like each one has a story linked to someone’s life and I find that so fascinating. If you ever see old windows like this with wood framing BUY IT. They are becoming harder and harder to find in good condition and it gives just a touch of oldness along with the newness in any home! The bicycle wood picture above my bed was given to me for my birthday from a very sweet friend and blogger, Lots of Lovely! We took a mini girls road trip along with our coworker and best friend, Jenna, to Waco, Texas a few months ago! Our main reason for this impromptu excursion was to go shop at Magnolia Market! Anyone watch Fixer Uppers? If you aren’t, you’re missing out and if you are, you can relate to the obsession that we have for Chip and Joanna Gaines! While we were shopping I saw that gorgeous bicycle hanging on the store wall and I knew it needed to be in my trunk headed back to Houston in a few hours. BUT reality set in and it was a little out of my budget to spend since I was still in college (poor! poor! poor!). I figured that if it was meant to be it would go on sale in a few months. Well, my birthday came around a few months later and Candice surprised me with this as a gift. I literally cried in her foyer and hugged her neck for a good ten minutes. It is one of the sweetest gifts I have ever received and it is so dear to me. The last piece that’s not pictured very well is an antique window pane that was in a beauty salon. It’s probably from the 50’s or 60’s and my mom gave it to me for Christmas last year! Like I said, I love old things with character and a story!

-Little gems here and there!-
All of my frames are from, you guessed it, Pier 1 Imports! They have awesome priced frames with an amazing selection so naturally I go there! I hold all of my bracelets on this adorable little porcelain scalloped cake plate and that stands on top of some coffee table books. I LOVE CANDLES. My two favorites that I have in my room right now is the signature scent from Magnolia Market and the other that’s by my TV is Volcano by Capri Blue. AH-MAZING. The cotton spray is also from Magnolia Market but you can also find them at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby!
Well that was fun! Thank you for taking a look at my little peaceful corner of the world and I hope you are able to create a space that makes you happy like I have. It’s one of the most rewarding things I have done for myself. 
X, K


X, Hailey & Kailey


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  1. Hannah
    February 29, 2016 at 9:57 pm

    LOVE your room – it is so beautiful! And don't worry – I had a twin bed until I was 21 ( seriously). ~Hannah

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