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Hey, gals!

Happy Wednesday! It’s a rainy, cold day in Dallas and Hailey is taking care of her sick littles. Sometimes there isn’t much time to talk about fashion or beauty – so we thought we would share a little update from the both of us!

Double Shot of Sass | October Life Update Double Shot of Sass | October Life Update Double Shot of Sass | October Life Update

From Hailey

As many of you have seen on our stories on Instagram, Lily is keeping me quite busy with her efforts of becoming a Cirque Du Soleil performer. Y’all, she’s wild. Like really wild, but with the sweetest heart. As for Claire, homegirls is sleeping a solid 10 hours at night. We kinda skipped over the 4 month sleep regression so fingers crossed that we’re just lucky (doubtful, but hopeful LOL). She has the sweetest disposition, and I can’t wait to see her and lily become best friends.
I’m not going to lie, I feel so blessed that our businesses are doing so well. I literally thank Jesus everyday for allowing me the opportunity to create and nurture my passions artistically and professionally while still getting to be a full time mama. Lately though, I have felt so overwhelmed with balancing both parts of my life. It’s something that I really feel like I haven’t been handling well, and it keeps me up at night. How do I be fully present in all of our businesses? When is it time in my day to allow myself to truly put down my phone to soak up these sweet moments with my girls? Jesus, take the wheel! I would love to hear how all you other boss babes with babies make time for both work and family. Especially those who work from home!

Double Shot of Sass | October Life Update Double Shot of Sass | October Life Update Double Shot of Sass | October Life Update

From Kailey

I’m officially settling in as a Dallas resident. I still have an entire room of boxes to go through but I’m so happy. Happy but stressed! Stressed because I’m trying to keep up with orders, getting caught up with a shit ton of laundry, still trying to unpack, and also make sure I’m taking care of myself – physically and mentally! If you haven’t heard, I bought out my partner and I’m now the sole owner of! Paul has graciously given me a spot in his office for me to run the online store out of and I’ve found great pleasure annoying him at work every day! We went from living four hours away from each other to literally working in the same building. We’ve been traveling non-stop, we just got back from New Hampshire and on Tuesday we’re headed to Palo Alto and then Carmel on Thursday! We haven’t been to California together yet so this shall be fun! But before that, Hailey and I are matron and maid of honor along with our best friend Hannah in our other best friend Fallon’s wedding this weekend! I seriously get teary eyed thinking about seeing one of my best gal’s marrying the love of her life. It’ll be a great weekend and prayers for me as a face my fear of public speaking! Now on to writing my speech!

Xo, Hailey & Kailey


X, Hailey & Kailey


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