Double Shot of Sass LA Packing List

(This photo was taken on last year on our first trip to Los Angeles!)

Hi, friends! Hailey and I are on our way to meet Jess and Tay in LALA LAAAAAND!!!!! It’s one of our favorite places and we’re so excited to be there with our best girls! It was somewhat a hectic morning: getting stuck behind a three car pile up on the highway while driving to the airport, my strap to my makeup case breaking, and H spilling her Starbucks on her new top! Though it was a bumpy start, nothing can dim our excitement as we head Los Angeles!

We have some fun things on the itinerary so make sure you check back with us on our Instagram! I’ve rounded up everything that we will be wearing this week and wanted to give you a head start to see if there was something that strikes your fancy.

XO, Kailey


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X, Hailey & Kailey


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