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Annapolis, Maryland was without a doubt one of the most charming cities we’ve ever been to. It is home to sailboats, craft beer, to die for eats, and the Naval Academy. The weather was divine compared to our beloved Texas heat! We stayed at the Loews Hotel in downtown, and we were the perfect walking distance to the pier where all of the amazing restaurants and bars were located. On a side note, the people of the Annapolis service industry were in for a rough weekend with us 100-something Texans. As many of you know, Kailey’s (you can buy her Betsy Pittard Designs earrings here) luggage was lost by Southwest so we weren’t able to do any of our planned looks. It was TRAGIC. However, you can see that she drowned her sorrows in Bloody Marys.

X, Hailey & Kailey


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