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Haute Stuff Boutique

Hailey’s Look: Romper: Haute Stuff Boutique | Necklace: Betsey Pittard Designs 
Kailey’s Look: Top: Haute Stuff Boutique | Bangles: Bourbon & Boweties
As many of you know, Kailey has taken a new position as a Sunkissed & Made Up hair/makeup artist. As every new chapter should be, it is extremely exciting for Kay! However, Kay had to say goodbye to her Haute Stuff Boutique family. Haute Stuff hired Kailey when she was transitioning from a really unfortunate time in her life, and the ladies at Haute Stuff were exactly what she needed! Whoever said clothes (or is it money, we forget the details) don’t buy happiness obviously has never stepped foot into this sweetly styled house turned boutique. If you live in the Houston area, you MUST make a trip to Baytown and see all of the prettiness yourself! We will forever be thankful for the opportunity Haute Stuff gave Kailey, and the ladies there will always be so dear to us.
All of that being said, we’re showing a little love for one of our home away from homes. H’s romper and K’s top are both from Haute Stuff, and they are too perfect for this summer heat. The romper’s open back and haltered top are 100% ideal when you don’t want to sweat your life away but being cute and put together is still the top priority. Plus, the best part about rompers are that they can easily go from day to night, and who doesn’t love that?! K’s top is so fun and light, and the colors are so pretty! This look is perfect for going out to a casual dinner or hanging out by the water on a summer night. This top definitely turns us into bickering old ladies and makes us forget that we love each other. “Short stick wins, sister. The top is mine.”
Also, we got a lot of comments regarding our tutorials. With much technological education, we have finally found filming that works for us and that doesn’t look like we’ve set our MacBooks up in our bathroom! Praise sweet baby Jesus! So please hang tight as we film some fun hair (especially braids!) and makeup tutorials in the next few days! We so appreciated everyone’s input! Much love!
This post is sponsored by Haute Stuff Boutique.

Boho French Braid Tutorial

Hey, y’all! Thank you so much for all of the feedback from our last braid tutorial! Since it was such a success we decided to do another one on how to get that big, fluffy french braid! Enjoy!

1. Section off where you want your braid! On this one we wanted in the bang area! We parted it perpendicular to Hailey’s natural part. Pin back the section you won’t be braiding.
2. You’re going to section out 3 strands. This is the beginning of your braid. Start the braid off like a normal braid where you cross the far strand over the middle. You will then pull a piece of hair from the bottom and add to the crossed over piece underneath. 
3. Continue those steps all the way down. When you are out of hair to pick up continue down like a normal braid. Pull a small piece from the bottom of the braid like the last tutorial, and push the braid upwards and then back down. Start pulling pieces out loosely to create the “boho” full braid.
4. And there ya go! This is what it should look like! Pin it on the side or add it to a ponytail or up-do! 
Thanks so much for catching up with us and we hope you love this braid as much as we do!

Summer Heat Wave

Hailey’s Look: Romper: Anjouil’s Boutique | Booties: Anjouil’s Boutique | Necklaces: Tiffany & Co. and Kendra Scott | Earrings: Betsey Pittard Designs | Ring: David Yurman | Watch: Michael Kors | Bracelet: Alex & Ani 

Hi, everyone! First off, we would like to say thank you to all of the happy thoughts that were expressed to us in light of Kay’s new opportunity. Sunkissed & Made Up was her first choice, and it’s kinda sorta surreal that they picked her. Crazy how our loving Father provides! New chapters are so exciting, and we truly can’t wait to share our lives with y’all. Hopefully we’ll have some more chapters to write this year, as well.
So if you have never been to Houston, Texas in July then you’ve never experienced the feeling of your makeup running down your neck or your pants having to be literally peeled of your body by a volunteering tribute. It is hot. It is sweaty. It is only tolerable with a margarita in your hand. You would think living here for 21 years would make us “climatized” to our emotionally disturbed weather, you are very, very, very wrong. So with further ado, these looks are perfect when fighting the summer heat wave…okay, H’s is. K is riding a fine line between breezy and crazy with those jeans, but they’re so gosh darn flattering! We’ve gotten a lot of comments about K’s shoes, but they are bought a year ago and Steve Madden no longer makes them. Don’t fret though because we’ve linked a similar pair in the outfit details.

Fishtail Tutorial

Hey, y’all! So ever since we’ve started the blog we’ve been asked to do beauty tutorials! We haven’t really figured out how to go about it (believe it or not we are AWFUL at technology) so we hope this is easy to follow! Enoy! X, K
P.S. This is my go-to braid!
1. First step is to section off where you would like your braid to be!
2. You’re going to part a section at the top of the sub-section, and you will then split that section into two pieces. It doesn’t matter which side, pick up a piece exactly right under one of the sections and cross over to the opposite side.
3. You will repeat that step on the other side, making a “X”. Continue those steps down the section.
4. Keep going! This is what you should be looking like!
5. Once you run out of hair to pick up off the scalp, take the piece to cross from underneath the next section. Continue all the way down the section. Once you finish your braid, near the end pull out a very skinny piece.
6. Once you have your “skinny” piece out, you’re going to hold that tightly with your right hand and with your left hand you’re going to “snake” or push the braid upwards.
7. It will have this scrunched up look once you push the braid, but then you will slightly pull it back down. That is what gives this braid that “pancaked” look. I always like to start at the bottom with this next step: start pulling the braid apart.
8. Continue pulling pieces out of the braid all the way up to the top. You can make it as loose or tight as you want, whatever look you’re going for! 
There are so many ways you could finish off this braid! You could tuck it behind your hair or connect it to a messy up-do! So many choices, just depends on the occasion! And, BOOM! All done!
So there’s our first tutorial! I would love to hear some feedback on how you all liked it, what we need to improve on, or simply what you want to see next!

Hailey’s Look: Dress: Ruthie Grace Boutique | Earrings: Kendra Scott | Wedges: Steve Madden (similar)
Kailey’s Look: Top: Ruthie Grace Boutique | Jeans: Flying Monkey | Necklace: Betsy Pittard Designs & Kendra Scott | Shoes: Steve Madden
There is a little over a month left of summer, and let us just say, we are in denial. We have had such an amazing past few months traveling and experiencing new things. We’re definitely trying to add in a few more adventures until we officially enter the real world and have to adult…please don’t make us adult. However, we’re so so so SO excited about Kailey’s new and fabulous job. The Sunkissed & Made Up team are truly inspirational! If you ever need to look like a Disney Princess and you live in the Houston area, then look no further. 
These two pieces are from Ruthie Grace Boutique, the cutest boutique located in Montgomery, Texas! We were so happy to receive these pieces because they are super fun, but have a professional flare to them. Especially perfect since when we adult we have to look the part. The dress that Hailey is wearing is so fun and comfortable, and it is easily considered a staple. You can wear it to work with sandals, flats, and cardigan, and when you need a margarita after you get off then you throw on some heels. Simple as pie. This will dress will definitely be in rotation when H starts student teaching in the fall. Kailey’s top is great for any occasion. It can be really difficult to plan out your outfit when you know you have multiple things going on in the day, but when you incorporate a top like this into your wardrobe it can easily take you from day to night without having to put in the effort. To buy either of these items, go to their Instagram, find the picture of these items, and follow the steps to purchase. They are so easy to work with!

This post is sponsored by Ruthie Grace Boutique.