Hey, y’all! So ever since we’ve started the blog we’ve been asked to do beauty tutorials! We haven’t really figured out how to go about it (believe it or not we are AWFUL at technology) so we hope this is easy to follow! Enoy! X, K
P.S. This is my go-to braid!
1. First step is to section off where you would like your braid to be!
2. You’re going to part a section at the top of the sub-section, and you will then split that section into two pieces. It doesn’t matter which side, pick up a piece exactly right under one of the sections and cross over to the opposite side.
3. You will repeat that step on the other side, making a “X”. Continue those steps down the section.
4. Keep going! This is what you should be looking like!
5. Once you run out of hair to pick up off the scalp, take the piece to cross from underneath the next section. Continue all the way down the section. Once you finish your braid, near the end pull out a very skinny piece.
6. Once you have your “skinny” piece out, you’re going to hold that tightly with your right hand and with your left hand you’re going to “snake” or push the braid upwards.
7. It will have this scrunched up look once you push the braid, but then you will slightly pull it back down. That is what gives this braid that “pancaked” look. I always like to start at the bottom with this next step: start pulling the braid apart.
8. Continue pulling pieces out of the braid all the way up to the top. You can make it as loose or tight as you want, whatever look you’re going for! 
There are so many ways you could finish off this braid! You could tuck it behind your hair or connect it to a messy up-do! So many choices, just depends on the occasion! And, BOOM! All done!
So there’s our first tutorial! I would love to hear some feedback on how you all liked it, what we need to improve on, or simply what you want to see next!

X, Hailey & Kailey


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