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Hey, gals!

Checking in with some wedding updates for today’s blog post – my first wedding post! Plenty of people told me that being engaged is such a sweet season in a couple’s relationship and they were absolutely right. Though it has only been two months since Paul popped the question, we have really enjoyed this special time together before the big day. It’s been so fun talking about our wedding, what we envision it being like, our honeymoon, and all the blessings that our future will hold. Our wedding is a year away and I’ll be soaking up every day leading up to May 9, 2020! I will say there’s been some not-so-fun moments. Like creating a budget (my least favorite word) for the wedding. It really is a burden when you have expensive taste I’ve come to realize! Making out our guest list, our venue is on the smaller scale and it’s a destination wedding therefore a little stressful because there’s SO many people that we would like to be there but the capacity just won’t allow it. We combined bank accounts, he keeps saying it’s for my own good but I’m still coming to terms that he will now know my every purchase. Glad he doesn’t have heart problems! But truly and honestly, wedding planning has really gone smoothly especially with our vendors and our families helping in any way that they can!

One thing I’m looking forward to the most is walking down the aisle and saying our vows to one another. I could cry just thinking about it! My second is getting ready with all of my girlfriends and family! Being a hairstylist + makeup artist, I’ve worked several 100 weddings in the last 5.5 years and I love working with bridal parties. The energy in the bridal suite is always so fun with champagne bottles popping, old tunes that bring back high school/college memories, laughter about stories being shared, the before & after reveals in the h&mu chair, and the getting ready attire. I love it all and I’m so excited to experience the bridal suite as the bride!

Double Shot of Sass | Birdies Slippers

I’ve drawn a lot of wedding inspiration and style from the Royals: Diana, Kate, and Meghan. Classic, elegant, and timeless. I’m thrilled that I get to incorporate one of Meghan Markle’s favorite brands, Birdies Slippers, in to my getting ready outfit! Birdies Slippers designed the exact pair that I’m wearing, The Songbird in Bellini, for Meghan to wear while getting dolled up for her wedding. The pom poms are handmade, such an eclectic detail that I love and the satin finish photographs so beautifully! Birdies Slippers are offering fabulous deal to brides, if you’re ordering four or more slippers for your bridal party you can receive 20% off by emailing They make great gifts for your gals and they can even switch in to them out of their heels to dance the night away!

Double Shot of Sass | Birdies Slippers

To all the bride-to-be’s, enjoy this time of planning and dreaming of your wedding! It’ll be here before you know it!

What’s your favorite #BridalBirdies slipper?

Double Shot of Sass | Birdies Slippers

Xx, Kailey

Special thank you to Birdies Slippers for sponsoring this post!


X, Hailey & Kailey


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