Lily is making her first bump debut!


I’m so excited to be showing off my Lily girl…well, my bump at least! I’m exactly 22 weeks + 3 days, and it is so crazy to me that I’m more than halfway there to meeting our girl. I was SO nervous about Jake being a girl dad since all of his friends are having boys, but he has been so gosh darn excited about his girl! Cue all the happy feels. It’s been so fun finally knowing that we’re having a girl, and I may or may not have gone a little overboard on shopping for her already. There’s just certain things that I want to make sure she has to wear regardless of what I get at my shower LOL. So many people have already told me to not get hung up on what clothes she’s wearing, diaper brands, blah blah blah, but I’m excited (and hormonal) to create her own little style. Whats the fun in being a girl mama if you can’t get excited about how cute you’re going to dress her?! 
As far as my pregnancy has been, there’s been a lot of highs, but there have been a few lows. I know I could have it way worse (bless you mamas who have morning sickness and a slue of other things), but it hasn’t been easy. All during my first trimester, I battled constant nausea and a few fainting spells that literally put me on my hiney. I threw up a handful of times, but I mostly dry-heaved which was just as bad. The fainting incidents were by far the most scary. The first one was when I was student teaching, and luckily there were no kids in the room. My ears started to ring and my eyes got blurry, and I was smart enough to find a chair before I went down. I’ve definitely had to adjust to being pregnant and learn to take it slower and eat extremely well. This brutal Texas heat hasn’t been easy either, and I don’t know how some mamas can stand it being even a tad bit further along than me. Much love to all of you mamas who are growing tiny humans. As hard or easy as any pregnancy is, I feel so extremely blessed to be able to have a baby in the first place. There are so many couples who try relentlessly to have a baby, and they are always so close and dear to my heart and prayers. 
Another (but very minuscule) problem I’ve been having is learning how to dress for the bump! I’m still an extremely small person (I only weighed 88 lbs when I first got pregnant), and I’m too petite/small for maternity clothes. Maternity jeans were quite comical so I’ve resorted to squeezing myself into my normal jeans and looping a hair tie through the button hole. SO CUTE, I know. However, I’ve had a lot of luck with dresses so that has been my definite go-to. I LOVE this swing dress from Old Navy and its fit (plus the price is AWESOME). I receive so many compliments on it every time I wear it! Also, these are my wedding shoes, and they have been quite the staple lately. I don’t see the point in buying maternity clothes or clothes that I couldn’t wear after I’m not pregnant anymore because that’s just a serious waste of money. I know eventually I’ll have to buy some legit maternity wear once it gets closer to maternity, but I’m holding off on all of that as long as possible!
I’m so excited to be sharing everything Lily Rae here on the blog! We’re currently getting her nursery squared away, and I can’t wait to share it! Stay tuned!  

X, Hailey & Kailey


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