Double Shot of Sass | Lily Rae's Birth Story Double Shot of Sass | Lily Rae's Birth Story Double Shot of Sass | Lily Rae's Birth Story Double Shot of Sass | Lily Rae's Birth Story Double Shot of Sass | Lily Rae's Birth Story Double Shot of Sass | Lily Rae's Birth Story Double Shot of Sass | Lily Rae's Birth Story

First, I would just love to say that Jacob and I feel so blessed for all of the well wishes, prayers, and sweet words that have been sent our way. Lily’s entrance into the world was nothing we could have ever been prepared for, but we are so in love with our sweet girl! She is such a sweet angel, and those fresh from Heaven loving I get makes me forget what life was like before her. As much as I’m sad that my little bump is gone and my pregnancy is over, it has taken me a few weeks to process my thoughts about what I experienced during Lily’s birth. Like most other mama’s, it was the scariest, most beautiful moment of my life. There’s nothing that will ever prepare you for what your body and emotions go through. So, here goes nothing…

At my 39 week appointment, my doctor and I agreed on elected induction for Wednesday, November 16 (which is also mine and Kay’s birthday). She had stripped my membranes twice, and I was already dilated to 2 centimeters. My due date was November 20, and I was concerned of having Lily during the week of Thanksgivingor that Sunday as my doctor would be out. Call me a chicken, but I was so scared of not having my doctor deliver our baby! It just made the most sense to be induced,and I was so excited of the possibility of having Lily on my birthday.

On November 16, we arrived at the Women’s Hospital of Texas in Houston at 6 in the morning. Jacob and I were immediately checked into a room (I turned 23 in Room 23!), and I was started on Pitocin. I had heard such intense stories from other mama’s about their experience with Pitocin, and I was shocked when NOTHING HAPPENED. For a solid 4 hours, I did not have a single major contraction nor did my water break. My doctor broke my water at 12:30 (which wasn’t bad at all), and then things finally started to get rolling. My contractions started, and they were INTENSE. I made a deal with myself that once I saw Jesus, I would get my epidural. After about an hour and a half, I saw the light, and it was epidural time! I was so scared about getting one, but it wasn’t bad at all! After 10 minutes, I was in bliss. Really, though…they should give you one of those babies when you go to the spa. It was so nice! I took several naps, watched Harry Potter, read my book…it was amazing.

Up until 7:00, everything about my labor was so easy…until it wasn’t. I was dilating quickly, but Lily wasn’t responding well to my contractions. During each contraction, her heart rate would drop and pick up extremely quickly. My nurse (who was on absolute angel) had me start alternating laying on my sides to change Lily’s position. After 30 minutes of that, my doctor came in and we started to discuss the possibility of a C-section. For some reason, I never prepared myself for that. I always envisioned giving birth vaginally, and the thought of having a major surgery just wasn’t {I thought} in the cards for me. Oh, how I was wrong.

While my doctor was in midsentence, Lily’s heart dropped to a zero and we were immediately taken into surgery. Probably TMI, but my doctor literally held Lily’s head in to prevent her descending more into the birth canal. To say that I was terrified would be an understatement. I wasn’t aware that Jacob wasn’t allowed in the operating room until they had surgery started made me completely lose my mind. I remember looking around not seeing his face, and that truly was the worst part. Also, they called a Code Blue on both Lily and I, and they ended up completely sedating me while they did the surgery. I never saw Jacob come into the operating room, and I don’t remember hearing my sweet girl’s first cry. They woke me up while I was still on the table so I could hold her which was an absolute blessing and the most magical moment of my entire life. Lily was already having the sensation to suck, and when I kissed her little lips she kissed me back. Jacob talks about that moment like it was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen {swoon}.

Although the surgery and recovery was the most intense, painful experienceof my life, we are so happy to have our girl here. She will forever be the best birthday present I will ever receive, and I’m so thankful that I get to be her mama. She is the best, sweetest baby (who L-O-V-E-S to sleep), and Jacob and I are just so smitten with her. As for Jacob, he’s literally the best dad in the world, and I can’t imagine my heart could grow any bigger with love for him. We fight over who’s going to hold her!

Since we didn’t get to have photos taken in the delivery room like we had planned, I’m taking the opportunity to share my maternity session with Courtney Brown of Courtney Leigh Photography. Being pregnant was such a magical season of my life, and I think she captured this time perfectly. I think I may even love these photos more than my wedding photos (which Courtney also photographed and did an AMAZING job). Side note, Courtney and I have become such dear friends, and if you are in need of a fine art photographer, she is your gal! She has such a warm, loving personality, and she will make you feel like a million bucks in front of her camera. Jacob doesn’t even complain getting his picture taken when she’s the one behind the camera, and that’s saying something!



X, Hailey & Kailey


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