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A couple of weeks ago, our best girlfriends and I threw Hailey the sweetest shower for Lily girl! The day was filled with such joy celebrating my two favorite girls and it is so evident how much Lily is already loved! Thank you to Hannah, Fallon, Lindsey, Sarah {even from New Bern you were such a help!}, Heather, Catherine, Caroline, Aubree, Courtney, and Thora for doing everything possible to pitch in for the shower! We are so seriously so blessed with such amazing friends and soon-to-be aunties.

Showers are no longer simply done. It’s seriously like a wedding for a baby. At least that’s how I view them! Through all of Hailey’s recent life events and me being the designated coordinator, I could throw a shower in 24 hours need be! Here’s a few details that made the shower extra special! Courtney was Hailey’s wedding photographer who has turned in to one of our closest friends that we absolutely adore. When people like Courtney come in to your life you hold them tight and never let them go! She is now our forever designated photographer for any exciting event! Big Ass Balloons were the perfect centerpieces to the tables! They provided different levels and were oh so fun! That morning I went to Central Market and picked up flowers for the tables as well as the flower crown bar! I’m not a fan of silly games at showers so having an activity that everyone could do was a real hit from my sweet Nana to Layla {Hailey’s flower girl} who is 4! This post from Lots of Lovely will give you all the details on how to create your own flower crown bar and what supplies you’ll need! The cutest cookies were made by our friend Sydney who seriously can do any design you want on a cookie! These cookies actually taste amazing, it’s so hard to find a pretty cookie that does! Our momma, her bestie Donna, and Nana made lunch for us! The shower was at 2 so veggie cups and tea sandwiches were the perfect selections for light bites!

Thanks again to everyone who made the shower so special! We can’t wait for Lily to be here!

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X, Hailey & Kailey


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