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Hi, friends! I’m back from Italy and I just couldn’t wait another minute to write to y’all! Side note: Y’all is not a word in Europe! LOL!  Our trip was one that I will never forget and  Italy has stolen my heart for ever. Churches. Coasts. Lattes. Pizza. Music. Fashion. History. Wine. I love it all! Going out of the country for the first time was so humbling to see how the rest of the world operates. You forget how truly blessed we are here and that we have unlimited amount of ice! You may be saying to yourself “ice?” but they don’t give you ice with your drink. Weirdos! On a serious note, the preservation of Italy is just breathtaking to say the least and it is mind blowing to walk on streets that have been there since practically the beginning of time! I’m working on a travel guide for our entire trip so don’t you worry, you’ll get all the deets!

I was gone for 11 days and it was so nice to recharge from the real world! Sometimes I get bogged down by being creative all the time and being away just gives you that new pep in your step to create something magical. We used the train system to get from city to city and every time I sat for more than 30 minutes, a new idea popped into my head and I immediately wrote it down! So get ready for lots of new posts!

The last leg of our trip was spent in Rome and I tried to convince Lukas that we should move there! Even if we had stayed their for a month there is no way that we would have seen everything! One of my favorite mornings was when Lukas and I got up at 6:30 and walked to the Spanish Steps. No one was there, it was 55 degrees outside, the sun was just starting to peek around the buildings, and it was beautiful! You see these steps in movies and magazines but I never thought that I would be standing on them in studded flats and a mini dress! Speaking of that mini dress, I got several looks from nuns on our walk that morning! If you are over 5’5 ft I wouldn’t recommend it as a dress because it most likely won’t cover your booty but it was the perfect length for my 5′ ft self! I wore these flats the entire trip and not one blister! They come in several colors, a pretty magenta I do believe.

I hope you have an awesome week! Can you believe it’s Halloween weekend?!

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X, Hailey & Kailey


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