Double Shot of Sass | H's Daily Schedule


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Who is feeling the MDO empty nest syndrome?! Yes. It is a thing. Yes. I cried when my baby walked right into class so excited to play and learn, and I just couldn’t help but think, “YOU AREN’T  SAD TO LEAVE ME?” It was a blow to my ego. Any other moms felt this way?! Currently asking for a friend. As much as I miss Lily while she’s at school, I’ve been loving the one-on-one time with Claire and having a little extra time to be productive with my time.

Double Shot of Sass | H's Daily Schedule

One of the biggest things that helps me stay active, engaged, and busy during the day is getting out of MY. DAMN. PAJAMAS. Personally, staying in pajamas all day makes me feel supper depressed, and who needs that?! I find that if I at least do my hair, put some makeup on, and wear a cute, casual outfit I feel a lot better. Especially if I’m not going to the studio or shooting, at the very least I put on a cute workout outfit…even if I don’t work out. So in honor of getting back in the groove of school, I thought I would share my daily schedule and what works for me to get the girls and myself up and going.

Double Shot of Sass | H's Daily Schedule


I wake up, answer emails, shower, and get dressed!


Girls wake up!


Make breakfast for the girls! This usually entails cinnamon rolls, bacon, or French toss We indulge during breakfast!


When the girls are eating breakfast, I make Lily her lunch. She is so picky during lunch time so I keep her lunch very simple. This usually means something like sharp cheddar cheese, strawberries, Goldfish, dried pineapple, carrots, cucumber slices, and organic fruit snacks.


Get both girls in their clothes for the day.


Out the door with both babies in tow.


Drop Lily off at preschool!


This goes two ways! I either take Claire to my Nana’s so I can go work appointments at the studio, but if nothing is booked then I’ll be working from home and errands. We’ll just keep going for the sake of all the moms who work from home! Before I head home, I’ll usually run to HEB or Ulta to stock up for my weekend at work.


Back at home with Claire! I’ll usually put her down for her nap, and I’ll do chores, answer emails, or work on content for Etoilly Artistry for the week.


I’ll break for lunch, and I keep it super simple. I’ll usually do a ham and cheese roll up, cucumber slices with veggie seasoning, and a little HEB jalapeño pimento cheese.


Wake up Claire form her nap and feed her lunch! Usually the same thing that I eat but no jalapeño pimento cheese.


Load up and go get Sissy!


Pick up Sissy!


Snack time with both babies! I’ll go between playing with them and getting whatever I need to that I wasn’t able to finish during nap time.


I put on a movie for the girls and get all of their favorite toys out. They’re really into playing dress up and watching The Little Mermaid!




Bed + bath time!

Double Shot of Sass | H's Daily Schedule

Double Shot of Sass | H's Daily Schedule

Double Shot of Sass | H's Daily Schedule

Had to share a picture of my big girl going to school this week! Her dress is under $17!

Xx, Hailey


X, Hailey & Kailey


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