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Ruthie Grace Boutique

Double Shot of Sass | Ruthie Grace Boutique Double Shot of Sass | Ruthie Grace Boutique Double Shot of Sass | Ruthie Grace Boutique Double Shot of Sass | Ruthie Grace Boutique Double Shot of Sass | Ruthie Grace Boutique Double Shot of Sass | Ruthie Grace Boutique Double Shot of Sass | Ruthie Grace Boutique



Happy Friday! You know when that person comes in to your life and you’re like “thank you God for sending me this angel”? Dede Raad with Dress Up Buttercup is that angel that I’ve been needing for quite some time. It’s a true blessing when you click with someone on so many levels and I’m so grateful for such a genuine friendship in her. We met several months ago and both of us {mainly her, lol} have been on the go non-stop and catching up with her last night was just what my little heart needed. I feel like I’m writing an ad about her but she is just so darn AMAZING!

Last night Dede and I attended an event that Lea Carmen and It’s All Chic To Me   put on at Beehive Boutique in Houston and they did a fabulous job of providing the bubbles and shopping! It was so nice to see some of my blogger babes when all of us lead such busy lives and hectic schedules. I always get the “you don’t have a real job so why are you busy” comment and I’m always thinking at the back of my head “you should meet my friends” 🙂 Most of these girls are married, have full time jobs ON TOP of blogging, taking care of their babies, and building a business so when I say I’m surrounded by true #girlbosses, I mean it! There the type of gals you want in your corner when the going gets rough.

I wore this sweater from Ruthie Grace Boutique to the event at Beehive last night! It’s still pretty hot here in Houston but the off the shoulder fit was perfect for the evening. I paired it with my go-to skinnies and my nude heels that I wear way too much! I do have other shoes if you were wondering 🙂 If you are ever in Montgomery, Texas you must stop by this little boutique! Ruthie Grace Boutique is also offering y’all a 10% off discount code using DOULBESHOT. It’s off your entire purchase and they are fully stocked with fall staples!

What’s everyone being for Halloween?! I love a good DIY costume so I’m sure I’ll throw one together tomorrow night for a birthday party! I’ve picked up a little part time job with being an assistant to Cake & Confetti and Meredith had me help behind the scenes on her most recent project! My extensive glitter glueing experience came in handy for her DIY Space Cadet outfit and it’s pure magical! Go check it out here! 🙂

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Pomp & Circumstance Boutique

Double Shot of Sass | Suede Moto Jacket Double Shot of Sass | Suede Moto Jacket Double Shot of Sass | Suede Moto Jacket Double Shot of Sass | Suede Moto Jacket Double Shot of Sass | Suede Moto Jacket Double Shot of Sass | Suede Moto Jacket Double Shot of Sass | Suede Moto Jacket



How is it Halloween weekend?! I’m {still} working from bed in my pajamas while watching The Chew and their set is pumpkins galore! I’m sitting here thinking “where have I been this entire month?!” OH! That’s right…Italy! The market for fall decor in the US is insane and in Europe I truly think they could care less! As soon as the school year starts here, Target pulls out all of the fake foliage and ceramic pumpkins they can get their hands on! This weekend we have a birthday party and sadly it’s not a costume party but I’ll probably add a little fun twist to it! Stay tuned! 🙂

 So this week has been total catch up from our vacation and I have had my fair share of “what the hell are you thinking” moments. To start the week off, I woke up Monday morning half asleep and in need of a coffee. The next thing I realize I am in the line at Starbucks, still in my PJs, fuzzy white slippers, and wearing no bra. My top is made out of a thin, sheer material and that morning I was giving every car next to me a show! Oops! Then Tuesday, I was throwing out the trash in the dumpster. I couldn’t get the gate open so I decided to give the trash bag a hip thrust heave over both the gate and about a 3 ft gap to the dumpsters. In slow motion I see my phone travel out of my hands and land perfectly in the dumpster. Needless to say I popped my dumpster diving cherry this week.

It’s not quite cold enough to wear a sweater and scarf every day but it’s definitely chilly in the evenings! Pomp & Circumstance Boutique sent me this jacket and I’m obsessed! Suede is one of my favorite fabrics to wear so this will definitely be a staple of mine this season. I loved pairing it with an all-white ensemble and nude heels for dinner with Lukas. And yes, I wear white after Labor Day. Sue. Me. 🙂

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“Baking” Technique

Double Shot of Sass | "Baking" Technique Double Shot of Sass | "Baking" Technique Double Shot of Sass | "Baking" Technique Double Shot of Sass | "Baking" Technique Double Shot of Sass | "Baking" Technique Double Shot of Sass | "Baking" Technique Double Shot of Sass | "Baking" Technique


I’m currently working on a Youtube channel! Yes, I’m finally doing it! I love doing the Snapchat tutorials for y’all but they’re gone in 24 hours, so what good does that do?! I finally got over “I can’t have a channel till it’s absolutely perfect” and I’m going head first! Wish me luck! In the meantime, I wanted to give you a product list of everything I use for my face make up and how I “bake”! Hopefully you have some of these items so you can follow along when the channel is up and running! I’ll explain a little on each product but remember this is strictly a product list! This post is pretty long so I hope you have some time! 🙂

Step 1: Prime your skin

Prep skin with this and this in Opal! These two combined prime my skin before I apply foundation! They smooth out any imperfections, moisturize my skin, gives me a glowy complexion, and gives my foundation something to “stick” to. Priming your skin is so important and definitely not a step I would skip on!

Step 2: Apply foundation

If you are using powder foundation, switch steps 2 and 3! If you are using regular liquid foundation, apply all over and then blend out! I use this for my foundation and this as my brush!

Step 3: Apply concealer

I use this because it’s super light but still creamy! I apply under my eyes, between my eyebrows, down the bridge of my nose, and on my chin!

Step 4: Set foundation and concealer

I use this to set foundation and then I take my damp beauty blender and dip it into this and press it underneath your eyes into the concealer! I know this goes against everything we’ve been taught: don’t mix water with powders. In this technique it’s totally okay! It may also sound weird how I’m explaining this but it will all make sense in the video tutorial! 🙂

Step 5: Apply “bake”

This is where the “baking” happens! You look crazy but it works! Take your beauty blender and dip it in this! Get plenty of product on the blender and apply on your under eye, forehead, and chin!

Step 6: Apply bronzer

I use this bronzer in Park Avenue Princess, it seriously looks pretty on everyone! I dust this on cheek bones and around my hair line.

Step 7: Do eyeshadow and brows

This is where I do my eyeshadow and eyebrows! This gives my make up time to “bake” and using my time wisely. This technique is not for the slow movers in the morning, it takes me a solid 30 minutes to complete this look!

Step 8: Dust off “bake” and apply highlight and blush

Dust off the translucent powder and go in with your favorite blush and highlight! I use this in Orgasm and this is in Champagne Pop.

Step 9: Apply mascara

Apply your favorite mascara and you’re all done!

So excited to get the video up and I’ll be sure to let y’all know when that is! If you have any questions on what to purchase to “bake” please don’t hesitate to leave a comment and I’ll do my best to reply! DSS signature

Spanish Steps

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Hi, friends! I’m back from Italy and I just couldn’t wait another minute to write to y’all! Side note: Y’all is not a word in Europe! LOL!  Our trip was one that I will never forget and  Italy has stolen my heart for ever. Churches. Coasts. Lattes. Pizza. Music. Fashion. History. Wine. I love it all! Going out of the country for the first time was so humbling to see how the rest of the world operates. You forget how truly blessed we are here and that we have unlimited amount of ice! You may be saying to yourself “ice?” but they don’t give you ice with your drink. Weirdos! On a serious note, the preservation of Italy is just breathtaking to say the least and it is mind blowing to walk on streets that have been there since practically the beginning of time! I’m working on a travel guide for our entire trip so don’t you worry, you’ll get all the deets!

I was gone for 11 days and it was so nice to recharge from the real world! Sometimes I get bogged down by being creative all the time and being away just gives you that new pep in your step to create something magical. We used the train system to get from city to city and every time I sat for more than 30 minutes, a new idea popped into my head and I immediately wrote it down! So get ready for lots of new posts!

The last leg of our trip was spent in Rome and I tried to convince Lukas that we should move there! Even if we had stayed their for a month there is no way that we would have seen everything! One of my favorite mornings was when Lukas and I got up at 6:30 and walked to the Spanish Steps. No one was there, it was 55 degrees outside, the sun was just starting to peek around the buildings, and it was beautiful! You see these steps in movies and magazines but I never thought that I would be standing on them in studded flats and a mini dress! Speaking of that mini dress, I got several looks from nuns on our walk that morning! If you are over 5’5 ft I wouldn’t recommend it as a dress because it most likely won’t cover your booty but it was the perfect length for my 5′ ft self! I wore these flats the entire trip and not one blister! They come in several colors, a pretty magenta I do believe.

I hope you have an awesome week! Can you believe it’s Halloween weekend?!

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The Deeply Co.

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Today’s the day! My flight leaves at 8:55 for Italy! I can barely contain my excitement but I’m also full of rage because my computer is on the verge of crashing (yay me!) so I’m keeping it short and sweet! About a year and a half ago we went to a little concert at Do or Dye off of Washington to see The Deeply Co! Jillian was performing her music around the country at artistic spaces that she found beautiful and she has now expanded her company into a clothing boutique, can you say girl boss? We were so excited when they reached out to us to do a collaboration and we couldn’t say no! This dress fit Hailey’s growing bump perfectly with plenty of room to go for the next 6 weeks! We loved the soft material and neckline + paired them with her wedding shoes for a monochromatic feel. I wore this sweet peach top with some wide flare jeans and my favorite heels! I loved pulling it off one shoulder for a more sexy but classy look!

We’ve also teamed up with The Deeply Co for a fun giveaway on their Instagram! Go to our  Instagram post to see how to enter!

I’ll be gone for 11 days so I’m not sure when I’ll have another post up! I’ve made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t make this trip a photo shoot but to totally immerse myself in the culture. One of my sweetest friends Candice, from Lots of Lovely, sent me this last night and I think I’m going to take her advice. I hope she doesn’t mind that I share! 🙂

“Thinking about you before you leave on your big trip tomorrow!! My biggest piece of advice is to try and not think about taking the perfect pictures to document the moment. Just live and breathe in the beauty around you. I love my first trip to Europe because I didn’t have a blog or Instagram that I cared about keeping photos consistent and cohesive so I just took a picture of I felt like it or I didn’t and just took a mental snapshot of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. Traveling strengthens you and grows you and I’m so excited for you to see a part of this great big world. Eat lots of food. Talk to locals. Drink wine. Make gelato trips daily. Love you!! Safe travels to you and Lukas and the whole family!”

Geez, I”m blessed with great friends!

Arrivederci, Houston! Ciao, Italy!

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