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Hey, gals!

Keeping this post short and sweet! The other day I did a Q&A on Instagram stories talking all things wedding! Someone had asked if Paul and I had saved money specifically for the wedding and the answer was HELL. NO. But we’ve utilized a great little tool called a budget spreadsheet. If you didn’t already know, “budget” is my least favorite word but this has really helped us stay on track with our savings, what we’ve paid our vendors, and what we still owe.

I really had no idea that there would be so much excitement around this spreadsheet when I stated that I would send it out to whoever gave me their email address. Well 100+ responses later I’ve decided to put it in a blog post so everyone has access to it and to save me some time! Lord knows I have very little of it. You just need to click on the Dropbox link and download it. So easy my Nana could do it.

If you have any issues downloading the file just email me at

X, Kailey


X, Hailey & Kailey


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