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Prayers For Houston

Double Shot of Sass | Prayers For Houston Double Shot of Sass | Prayers For Houston Double Shot of Sass | Prayers For Houston Double Shot of Sass | Prayers For Houston Double Shot of Sass | Prayers For Houston Double Shot of Sass | Prayers For Houston Double Shot of Sass | Prayers For Houston Double Shot of Sass | Prayers For Houston



Happy {Hurricane} Wednesday, folks! We are very grateful and blessed to report that unlike so many Houston neighborhoods, both of our houses are dry and untouched by flood waters. It has been a very scary 72+ hours, and we are so thankful that all of our family and friends have come up okay and safe. Mine and my husband’s town of Mont Belvieu is seriously devastated by the flood waters, and we are doing our best to gather anything we can give to those who are suffering and praying for safety and peaceful hearts. After all, it’s just stuff. It can be replaced. We encourage anyone who is called to help in this tragedy to donate at this link. If you are unable to give a donation, please give us your prayers. Because we need them desperately.

For a bit of lightness, I wore this little number to a much needed date night a few weeks ago, and it definitely was a knockout. Kailey had an outfit malfunction during our Madewell event, so I naturally had to borrow it. One of the perks of having a sister that wears the exact same size as you. The little stars are so cute but edgy, and the cut is super flattering. Again, y’all already know how much we LAAAAAHHHHVVVE these jeans.

 As for now, we’re trying to stay busy inside and keep Miss Lily from getting cabin fever. Again, please pray for the Texas areas that have been hurt by this devastating storm and give whatever you are called to give. Big or small. We love y’all!

Here is a list of charities that are accepting donations in efforts to recover from Hurricane Harvey.


American Red Cross – Text HARVEY to 90999 and you’ll have made a $10 donation, which you’ll see on your next phone bill.

JJ Watt Houston Flood Relief Fund – It is $7,000 away from it’s $6,000,000 goal! So incredibly amazing. 

Salvation Army – The Salvation has responded to those in need affected by Hurricane Harvey and is accepting monetary donations and physical donations.


If you can’t give financially, the shelters are in need of so much. Here is a list of necessities that would be greatly appreciated: water, diapers, wipes, baby formula, baby food, bathroom essentials, feminine hygeine products, coloring books/colors, children’s books/young adult novels, toys, towels, blankets, and pillows. There are several shelters all across the Houston area so click here to see a complete list of shelters that are in need of items and volunteers.

Again, we appreciate everyone’s efforts that have been made in the form of prayer or giving. We love our city and our readers.

The Blair To My Serena + Nordstrom Giftcard Giveaway

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If you’ve been following us for some time, you know that we’re pretty obsessed with our friends. We have been truly blessed with girlfriends that support each other, encourage each other, love on each other, and that are always down for happy hour. I think every now and then, God throws a little gem of a person in to your life that you weren’t expecting. That little gem that God threw me happens to be Tayler, the ultimate bestie and blogger babe behind

Tayler and I met about 10 months ago and one thing that always stood out to me was her love for Christ (aside from the fact that she’s sweet as pie, BEAUTIFUL, and the most genuinely caring person you have ever met.) She can literally say one word and you just know that she has a heart for Jesus and loving others. One morning we met up in Highland Village and shot a few looks for each others blogs, and from then on we began to meet every week to shoot. After every shoot I  was always so thankful to spend an hour with someone that I got along with so well and that I truly enjoyed their company. We would laugh as much as we had heartfelt conversations during our mornings together. And the rest is history…

This gal has become one of my very best friends. She’s the Blair to my Serena. She’s incredibly caring, loving, generous, and truly one of the greatest blessings I’ve ever been given in a friend. One of the funniest stories of us two is when we were at dinner one night at Eloise Nichols and I’m pretty sure our waiter had the hots for us. I had gotten up from the table and when I came back the waiter was talking to Tayler. A couple of minutes later, Tayler had excused herself and the waiter comes back to talk to me. Tayler returns and the waiter stops and says “Oh my gosh. Y’all are so funny.” We both look at each other so confused! He then says pointing at me “you are SO short and blonde” and then points at Tayler saying “and you are SO tall and brunette.” We both died laughing! It’s pretty obvious that we are complete opposites and we thought it was hysterical the waiter was so compelled to make sure we knew that.

Along with our love for spicy margaritas and endless text messages throughout the day, I’m so lucky to have this sweet girl by my side to do life with. Everything from dating (she gives the best advice) to blogging, Tayler has always been there with such encouragement and love. We are so excited for our next adventure together, New York Fashion Week! We are staying together and we really will be living out our Blair & Serena friendship! We’ll be documenting the trip the whole time so make sure you tune in to see what we get ourselves in to!


Tayler and I have also teamed up for a $75 Nordstrom gift card giveaway to honor all of the besties out there! Here’s how to enter the giveaway!

  1. Follow @taylermalott and @doubleshotofsass on Instagram
  2. Like the photo
  3. Tag your bestie in the comments

Current Favorites



Our family has been cooped up for the past two days as we ride out #HurricaneHarvey. We feel so thankful and blessed that we are in our homes safe and that we didn’t have to evacuate, but our hearts ache for those that have experienced true devastation from the storm. It’s just so crazy, to have to jump in your car with your loved ones and drive away from your home. We just can’t imagine the fear and loss. We are praying for you <3

Since I’ve had ample time to surf the internet and fill up my shopping carts during this storm, I wanted to share with you some of my finds and what my current favorites are (as of this week, I’m sure it’ll be different by Tuesday LOL)!


I owe a lot of my music taste to our spunky and artsy momma. She would always have the best of the 80’s playing around the house, one of them being Fleetwood Mac. Dreams and Gypsy are two of my favorite songs and Stevie Nicks will always be the ultimate cool girl to me, the Queen of rock and roll. I’ve been looking for an edgy print, not really sure where I want to put this one…maybe above my bed or in my new office! But I just can’t stop thinking about this print, and like my Nana always tells me before I make a commitment to a purse or art, “leave it be for a few days, and if you can’t stop thinking about it…GET IT!” So, I’m getting it!


I always love a classic nude heel! Hailey has had these babies for at least 4 years and they are still going strong. I really can’t wait for fall, and I’m so excited to wear some skinnies, a big chunky sweater, and these nudies – my favorite outfit for date night when it’s chilly.


I love a pop of color on my lips in the fall since I like to wear mainly neutrals. You all know how much I love Tom Ford cosmetics and his lip products NEVER disappoint!


Holy moly. Let’s talk about this tinted moisturizer for a sec. Or for the rest of my life. I have never used a tinted moisturizer that I would trade wine for. It’s instant magic radiance in a tube and it’s SO hydrating. Encapsulated chameleon natural tan pigments are secret pigment colors that are revealed upon application, and once blended, the different tones deliver a natural color result – in simpler words, it melts right in to your skin to for a natural, tan glow. YOU NEED THIS.


I will definitely be purchasing this for New York Fashion Week. We leave in exactly two weeks and I’m so excited I could just die. Dramatic? Probably. But the thought of running around in this gorgeous blouse makes me beyond happy. I also love that it has a built in tank so you’re not too scandalously dressed.


Can you tell I’m ready for cooler ready? This happens to be my favorite scent for Fall. And it also happens to be that B&BW is having a mix & match sale: buy 3 get 3 candles for free. Um, say no more!


Whether it’s really wine or a vanilla latte, I can’t wait to use this to hold my beverage of choice! So cheeky and cute!


I love the antique finish and the vintage inspired style of these earrings. I’ve been feeling the 70’s lately so naturally I need these in my life.


Leopard is most certainly a neutral, which means I can wear this leopard clutch with just about everything. I love this for date night or to sass up a simple outfit!

Tory Burch ‘Fleming’ Handbag Review

Double Shot of Sass | Tory Burch 'Fleming' Handbag Review Double Shot of Sass | Tory Burch 'Fleming' Handbag Review Double Shot of Sass | Tory Burch 'Fleming' Handbag ReviewDouble Shot of Sass | Tory Burch 'Fleming' Handbag Review

Out of all the bags I’ve purchased over the years, this pretty in pink Tory Burch handbag is at the top of my favorites list! The amount of compliments I get on it is too many to count, the convertible strap, the diamond-quilted leather, and the medium size shape makes the “Fleming” a win in my book. I’ve been asked if it was worth the hefty price tag, and even when I purchased it I thought to myself “you better reaaaaaaally love this purse if you’re going to spend this much money.” I know some have no problem dropping a couple of hundred dollars on a purse but it is SO hard for me – I would rather put that money towards a plane ticket! However, I’ve been really happy with how it’s held up over the past four months which brings me to sharing the pros and cons of this gorgeous bag!


  1. It maintains it’s shape really well! Even after four months, it still stands up right and has zero slouches.
  2. The convertible chain is everything. It was one of my biggest selling points, I love wearing it long for a more elegant look and short when I’m feeling sassy (but that’s like…all the time.)
  3. The diamond-quilted leather makes the handbag have such a glamorous appeal. I can wear it with a cocktail dress but still rock it with distressed denim and a white v-neck.
  4. It comes in multiple colors (black, navy, blue, red, and pink.) If I had to pick another color, I would get black. Breakfast at Tiffany’s vibes.
  5. It’s a perfect mid-size purse. Not too big for an everyday/all occasion purse but can definitely hold a significant amount of items. I have at least eight lipsticks in that purse at all times!
  6. The tassel on the chain adds a little flair to the classic style.
  7. The leather is super soft.


  1. As much as I love the ‘Bedrock’ color (the color I have), it shows every little mark since it’s so pale. I try to wipe it down as much as possible but it’s pretty inevitable for something to get on it. If you can’t accept that, go with a darker color!
  2. The magnet clasp is a little hard for me to open. I can’t open it with just one hand and requires a little effort to open. That in turn doesn’t help with keeping the purse clean.
  3. The corners have peeled due to rubbing on my jeans. This is the most upsetting to me due to the hefty price tag.

My cons list is very short, I truly love this bag! But I felt like I needed to let y’all know anything that you would absolutely want to know if you were about to spend $500 on a purse. I love pink purses, if you know me at all you definitely know that I consider pink a neutral! I’ve linked below some more pink handbags at every price point, enjoy!

Tame the Mane

Double Shot of Sass | Tame the Mane Double Shot of Sass | Tame the Mane Double Shot of Sass | Tame the Mane Double Shot of Sass | Tame the Mane Double Shot of Sass | Tame the Mane


Sharing a little secret with y’all this morning! A super scandalous secret! Not really, but every time someone leaves a comment on Instagram that they love my hair, I truly feel like Kylie Jenner when she was telling the world that she was just over lining her lips when she really got fillers. Any guesses yet? I’ve been wearing tape-in extensions since last November due to a haaayuuuuge hair catastrophe (my hair was turned purple by a toner being left on too long and it went through the ringer to get back to blonde) and they have been lifesavers in the pursuit of growing out my hair. Jenna Deao, my sweet friend and coworker, uses Bombshell Extensions which is what’s in my hair and I couldn’t be happier with how they have held up. I definitely think it’s a combination of the quality and the products I’ve used over the past couple of months that I owe to the 3 inches my real hair has grown as well as the extensions staying silky smooth.

Once my hair literally died and the ends were as crispy as McDonald’s French fries, I knew that I needed to get a fresh hair cut and a new shampoo and conditioner that would allow me to go days without washing my hair! Letting your natural oils sit on your hair is the BEST remedy for damaged hair. With this shampoo and conditioner, my hair and my extensions have never felt better. I can go 5 days without washing my hair with this magical combo. I know some of you are saying to yourself that there’s no way you could do that because you have to wash your hair everyday because a) it’s just your routine and/or b) your hair is super oily. If you’re washing your hair everyday, STOP. Your hair is getting overly oily because you’re stripping the natural oils from your scalp, which is making your body produce more oil to compensate for the lack there of. I’m telling you, I’m not making this shiz up. AND if you’re washing your hair everyday, there’s a good chance your hair is dry. And if your hair is really dry, you probably have a lot of breakage and you’re unable to grow your hair out. It’s truly a domino effect! So stahp with the nonsense and get in to a routine of letting your hair be all naturale. I promise that your hair will start to adjust and balance out, just give it time!

Since I only wash my hair 1-2 times a week, I try to keep putting heat on my hair to a minimum. I’ll blow dry my hair with this and a blow out balm to smooth out my frizz and then curl with this and this interchangeable barrel! I’m not sure what I ever did without this curling iron but I do know now that I can’t live without it! The less heat, the less damage and that’s the goal when you’re trying to let your hair grow and in my case, keep my tape-ins looking healthy. The extensions hold a curl really well so I don’t really have to touch them up during the week and once they start to loose their bounce, I throw my hair up in a bun!

It has taken me a minute to figure out how to keep my hair clean looking without frequently washing it. I definitely couldn’t do it without this and this. This dry shampoo  doesn’t leave a residue, absorbs oils and sweat, and it leaves a clean scent. I CAN’T STAND IT when a dry shampoo leaves a gross, powdery residue in your hair and this one literally disappears in your hair. I like to use this at night to keep from getting crazy bed head. It’s like an overnight, leave-in conditioner but not oily!

So there ya have it, my friends. You now know that I wear extensions and I only wash my hair about every 5 days. What secret of mine do you want to know next?